Members and Board Committees

Board Members Audit Commitee Governance and Compensation Committee
Jean-René Halde
Chairman of the Board
Claude Mc Master
President and CEO
Kit Dalaroy Member
Élaine C. Phénix Member (Chair)
Louis P. Bernier Member (Chair)
Sylvain Lafrance Member
Gary M. Collins Member
Robert C. Copple  Member

Annual Reports

2017 D-BOX Annual information form
( 06/19/2017)
D-BOX 2017 Annual report
( 06/19/2017)
2016 D-BOX Annual Report
( 06/21/2016)
2015 D-BOX Annual Information Form
( 10/07/2015)
2015 D-BOX Annual Report
( 10/07/2015)
2014 D-BOX Annual Report
( 06/10/2014)
2014 D-BOX Annual Information Form
( 06/10/2014)
2013 D-BOX Annual Report
( 06/19/2013)
2013 D-BOX Annual Information Form
( 06/19/2013)

Quartely Reports

2018 Q3 Investors fact sheet
( 02/12/2018)
2018 Q3 D-BOX Financial Statements
( 02/13/2018)
2018 Q3 D-BOX Management and Discussion Analysis
( 02/12/2018)
2018 Q2 D-BOX Management and Discussion Analysis
( 11/09/2017)
2018 Q2 D-BOX Financial Statements
( 11/08/2017)
2018 Q2 – D-BOX Financial fact sheet
( 11/08/2017)
2018 Q1 – D-BOX Financial fact sheet
( 08/10/2017)
2018 Q1 Management Discussion and Analysis
( 08/09/2017)
2018 Q1 D-BOX Financial Statements
( 08/09/2017)
2017 Q4 D-BOX Investor Fact Sheet
( 07/04/2017)
2017 Q3 D-BOX Investor Fact Sheet
( 02/09/2017)
2017 Q3 – Financial Statements
( 02/09/2017)
2017 Q2 – D-BOX Investor Fact Sheet
( 11/10/2016)
2017 Q2 – D-BOX Financial Statement
( 11/10/2016)
2017 Q1 D-BOX Investor Fact Sheet
( 08/19/2016)
2017 Q1 D-BOX Financial Statements
( 08/12/2016)
2016 Q4 D-BOX Investor Fact Sheet
( 07/19/2016)
2016 Q3 D-BOX Investor Fact Sheet
( 02/22/2016)
2016 Q3 D-BOX Financial Statements
( 02/12/2016)
2016 Q2 D-BOX Investor Fact Sheet
( 01/21/2016)
2016 Q2 D-BOX Financial Statements
( 09/30/2015)
2016 Q1 D-BOX Investor Fact Sheet
( 08/12/2015)
2016 Q1 D-BOX Financial Statements
( 08/12/2015)
2015 Q4 D-BOX Investor Fact Sheet
( 07/15/2015)
2015 Q3 D-BOX Investor Fact Sheet
( 02/27/2015)
2015 Q3 D-BOX Financial Statements
( 02/13/2015)
2015 Q2 D-BOX Financial Statements
( 11/21/2014)
2015 Q1 D-BOX Investor Fact Sheet
( 10/10/2014)
2015 Q1 D-BOX Financial Statements
( 10/10/2014)
2014 Q4 D-BOX Investor Fact Sheet
( 06/10/2014)
2014 Q3 D-BOX Financial Statements
( 12/31/2013)
2014 Q2 D-BOX Financial Statements
( 11/14/2013)
2014 Q1 D-BOX Financial Statements
( 10/04/2013)
2013 Q3 D-BOX Financial Statements
( 02/14/2013)
2013 Q2 D-BOX Financial Statements
( 09/30/2012)

Download latest press releases

D-BOX Technologies Announces Revenue Increase of 53% For Its Third Quarter and Strong Adjusted EBITDA
( 02/12/2018)
D-BOX Technologies Inc. announces the appointment of Jean-René Halde as Chairman of the Board of Directors
( 01/15/2018)
D-BOX pushes Box Office and Attendance numbers to a sold out first weekend for Star Wars: The Last Jedi
( 12/20/2017)
Canada’s First D-BOX VR Cinematic Experience Opens at Scotiabank Theatre Ottawa this Thursday
( 12/04/2017)
D-BOX Technologies Announces the Passing of Mr. Jean Lamarre, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company
( 11/24/2017)
D-BOX Technologies, the leader in immersive motion seating, continues its rapid global expansion with the addition of 16 screens in Latin America
( 11/15/2017)
D-BOX Technologies Announces Revenue Increase of 21% For Its Second Quarter
( 11/09/2017)
D-BOX collaborates with Ster-Kinekor theatres for the very first time on the installation of 4 new D-BOX venues in South Africa.
( 10/11/2017)
D-BOX Technologies to Offer Canadians First Ever D-BOX VR Cinematic Experience at Cineplex’s Scotiabank Theatre Ottawa
( 09/19/2017)
Election of Directors
( 08/09/2017)
Robert D. Copple, former President and COO of Cinemark Holdings Inc. joins D-BOX Technologies Board of Directors
( 08/09/2017)
D-BOX Technologies Announces its First Quarter Results
( 08/09/2017)
D-BOX Motion Recliners Experiencing Explosive Global Growth in Theatres
( 08/07/2017)
D-BOX Technologies Announces a 23% increase in Revenue and a Positive Net Income for its Fourth Quarter
( 06/19/2017)
D-BOX Technologies chosen by NFL Experience Times Square to create an unforgettable motion immersive experience
( 05/03/2017)
D-BOX Technologies and Cineplex Bring Canada’s First Ever Reclining Motion Seats to Kingston, Ontario
( 03/30/2017)
D-BOX VR hits the South by Southwest Interactive Festival with Planet Québec, the largest contingency of innovative Québec companies ever
( 03/09/2017)
Cinemark announce plans to install their first new D-BOX motion recliner seats
( 03/08/2017)
D-BOX VR and Minority Media debut exciting VR gaming experience at the 2017 Game Developers Conference
( 02/27/2017)
D-BOX Technologies immersive motion cinema seating featured at IMAX VR Centre in Los Angeles
( 02/21/2017)
D-BOX Technologies Announces its Third Quarter Results
( 02/09/2017)
ICAR and D-BOX Technologies are pleased to announce the launch of the largest racing motion simulator centre in Canada
( 01/19/2017)
D-BOX Technologies teams up with ICAR for exciting VR driving experience at the Montreal International Auto Show
( 01/17/2017)
D-BOX welcomes Richard LaBerge as Vice President of Business Development & Content Acquisition
( 01/09/2017)
The coming boom in VR industry bodes well for D-BOX Technologies Inc. as they push into the new year
( 01/04/2017)
D-BOX Technologies follows up the success of their first all D-BOX theatre in China with two more venues
( 12/05/2016)
Former IMAX Sales Vice President Americas to work with D-BOX Technologies as the new Theatrical Sales Vice President for Americas and EMEA Markets
( 11/30/2016)
2016 Military Training International Award Winner D-BOX Technologies Announces its Participation as an Exhibitor at This Year’s I/ITSEC
( 11/14/2016)
D-BOX Technologies Announces Revenue Increase of 26% for its Second Quarter
( 11/10/2016)
D-BOX Technologies Signs an Agreement with Gold Finance Group to Distribute D-BOX’s High-end Home Entertainment Products in China for Revenues of Up to US $22 M
( 11/04/2016)
Former IMAX Senior Sales Executive to work as special sales advisor with D-BOX Technologies
( 10/19/2016)
D-BOX Technologies to install the first complete D-BOX auditorium in Japan
( 10/10/2016)
D-BOX Technologies and Cineplex Entertainment extend agreement to add D-BOX Motion Seats in 10 auditoriums across Canada
( 09/27/2016)
D-BOX Technologies Opens a First Motion-Coding Studio in China and Adds its Motion Effects to Two Feature Films.
( 09/21/2016)
D-BOX Technologies To Launch the First All D-BOX Theater in China with Shanghai Bestar Cinemas Management Co., Ltd
( 09/20/2016)
D-BOX Technologies and Ubisoft® have joined forces to create a virtual reality experience at the Rabbids Amusement Center
( 09/01/2016)
D-BOX Technologies Inc. signs important distribution agreement with Link DC China
( 08/16/2016)
D-BOX Technologies Announces Its Best First Quarter Revenues
( 08/11/2016)
D-BOX joins forces with China Film Studio to offer major Chinese film productions in D-BOX
( 08/09/2016)
D-BOX Technologies Announces a 41% Growth in Revenue and a Record Annual Adjusted EBITDA
( 06/22/2016)
D-BOX empowers simulation and training community with a new generation of motion-cueing systems
( 06/13/2016)
D-BOX Technologies Announces Partnership with the Virtual Reality Company to Create Unprecedented Virtual Reality Experiences
( 06/02/2016)
First screen with 260 D-BOX seats now open in Egypt!
( 05/17/2016)
Europa-Park Theme Park & Resort will feature D-BOX motion enabled seats
( 04/28/2016)
D-BOX Technologies Inc. and Yueke China Announce a New Agreement in China
( 04/27/2016)
Cinemaxx to open first D-BOX theatre in Indonesia
( 04/06/2016)
Cineplex Entertainment to significantly expand its D-BOX footprint
( 03/07/2016)
D-BOX announces the results of its third quarter ended December 31, 2015
( 02/12/2016)
More than 100 new D-BOX screens opened worldwide in 2015
( 02/03/2016)
D-BOX Technologies_ objective of growth in entertainment and simulation
( 01/18/2016)
A successful presence of D-BOX Technologies at the CES
( 01/14/2016)
Cinemark Accelerates D-BOX Roll-Out in the U.S.
( 12/23/2015)
D-BOX Technologies Announces Closing Of $5 Million Private Placement
( 12/18/2015)
D-BOX Innovation Leadership Recognized by the Training and Simulation Community
( 11/30/2015)
D-BOX to Provide a Highly Immersive and Interactive Experience At the Richmond Olympic Experience (The ROX)
( 11/26/2015)
D-BOX announces the results of its second quarter ended September 30, 2015
( 11/10/2015)
D-BOX announces the results of its first quarter ended June 30, 2015
( 08/12/2015)
D-BOX Technologies announces the election of its directors
( 08/12/2015)
D-BOX strengthens its partnership with CDPQ
( 08/05/2015)
D-BOX Technologies hires a new senior VP
( 07/13/2015)
D-BOX Technologies announces record quarterly and annual net income and adjusted EBITDA
( 06/19/2015)
D-BOX Technologies Responds to Stock Trading Activity
( 04/27/2015)
Gary M. Collins, former Minister of Finance of British Columbia joins the Board of Directors of D-BOX Technologies
( 03/24/2015)
D-BOX Technologies announces revenues of $5.0 millions for its last quarter
( 02/12/2015)
Cinemark USA Expands Agreement with D-BOX
( 02/10/2015)
D-BOX Technologies increases its annual sales and its adjusted EBITDA by 23 percent and 64 percent respectively
( 06/12/2014)
D-BOX Technologies increases its recurring revenues by more than 130%
( 02/27/2014)
D-BOX Technologies increases its sales by 21 percent
( 11/15/2013)
D-BOX increases its recurring revenues by more than 130 percent
( 08/15/2013)
D-BOX Technologies Reports an Increase of More than 60 Percent of its Yearly Revenues
( 06/19/2013)
D-BOX Signs New Screens
( 04/04/2013)
D-BOX announces a quarterly revenue increase of over 85%
( 02/14/2013)
D-BOX Technologies resumes installations in Japan With Warner Mycal Cinemas
( 12/04/2012)
D-BOX Technologies Announces First Agreement with Cinemark
( 11/15/2012)
D-BOX Reaches 200 Screens Worldwide, New North American Theatres Announced
( 10/10/2012)
D-BOX Increases International Presence, Adds Four New Locations
( 10/04/2012)
D-BOX Technologies Signs Seven-Theatre Deal with Celebration! Cinema
( 09/25/2012)
D-BOX Technologies Release of the 2013 1st Quarter Results and Earnings conference call
( 08/10/2012)

Download documents

Regulatory Filings
Voting Instruction Form (“VIF”)
( 07/04/2017)
Notice of annual and special meeting of shareholders
( 07/04/2017)
2017 Management Proxy Circular
( 07/04/2017)

Code of Ethics for Investors
( 12/09/2016)

How many shares of D-BOX Technologies currently are in circulation?

As of August 19, 2015, D-BOX Technologies had 163.8M basic shares in circulation.

What are D-BOX’s main activity sectors?

D-BOX Technologies Inc. designs, manufactures and markets cutting-edge motion systems intended mainly for the entertainment and industrial markets.

Where is D-BOX Technologies’ stock traded?

D-BOX’s stock is traded on the TSX under the symbol DBO.

How many classes of D-BOX shares are in circulation?

There is only one class of shares in circulation and traded at the stock exchange.

How can I make changes to my address or documentation I receive?

It all depends if you are holding a Certificate or if you hold shares through an investment broker.

If you are holding a Certificate, you may communicate directly with our transfer agent at the following address:

Computershare inc.

1500 University – suite 700
Montreal (Quebec) Canada H3A 3S8

Phone : 514-982-7555
Toll free (Canada) : 1-800-564-6253
Fax : 514 982-7635

To accelerate the process, please mention the CUSIP number for D-BOX Technologies Inc. : 23305P108

If you hold stock through an investment broker, you have the contact the latter directly.

If you are unsure of your status, please contact us or call Glen Akselrod at Bristol Capital Ltd, (905) 326-1888 Extension 10.