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D-BOX Motion System is a simple alternative to traditional simulation Motion Systems, by offering a practical and modular motion cueing system that can be integrated with any existing or future simulators in the field. Leveraging D-BOX technology to training simulators increases both safety and productivity for operators, pilots and gunners across the spectrum of industries from construction and heavy equipment to automotive and defense.

RELEASE THE MOTION with the first D-BOX 4 DoF simulator!!!

This year is a year of innovation. We are very happy to be showing for the very first time the additional capacities of the ”D-BOX Gen II”. This latest evolution of its motion-cueing solutions gives adopters an unprecedented range of creativity and flexibility, yet stays true to the ease of deployment and cost efficiency the company is recognized for.

D-BOX Gen II is bringing more freedom and evolution capabilities to simulation and training technical experts who understand the significance of feeling real world cues in a virtual training environment”, explains Claude Mc Master, President and Chief Executive Officer of D-BOX. “D-BOX Gen II is our way of responding to the needs of this community who has been asking for a solution like this for some time.

This demonstration is made in partnership with Bohemia Interactive Simulation and McGregor Performance. The simulator pushes the limits of cueing with 5 D-BOX 6” actuators moving a single seat chassis in perfect synchrony with the host software, VBS3.

Moving 6 inches in heave, 12 degrees of roll and pitch, and a yaw motion of 120 degree, this demonstrator is the first of its kind and being officially released on the I/ITSEC show floor.

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Get ready for FULL FIDELITY in rotor flight pilot training

When no compromise is desired, you can rely on this Bell 206 simulator to raise the bar of innovation allow you to fly into uncharted territory. After years of making their mark on the industry, the highly competitive companies have teamed up to demonstrate a revised Bell 206 helicopter pilot trainer.

Given the overall growing budget deficits in the industry and market needs for improved systems, the fact that it utilizes COTS Solutions from the training and simulation industry is added value.

Precision Flight Controls is a long time D-BOX partner and recognized as a global leader in providing flight training organizations with affordable, high-fidelity, flight simulation components and systems. PFC’s systems simulate dozens of general aviation and commercial aircraft as well as today’s most popular technically advanced aircraft.

“D-Box motion cueing takes the flight training experience to the next level.  D-Boxes’ robust design, ease of installation, safe operation and affordability make it one of the best enhancements to our product line. Pilots want the Seat of the Pants feel, especially when flying in inclement weather conditions.  The perception of movement is extraordinary; ground textures to engine vibration, flap and landing gear drag, turbulence and stall buffet are many of the important elements that greatly enhance the flight training environment. Our simulators are filling a need within the market and solving some of the main challenges the flight training industry is facing.

By combining optimum hardware with the best visuals and the finest motion cueing, we have created a highly-immersive, exciting solution that is extremely effective and easy to adapt,”  said Mike Altman, (CEO/President at Precision Flight Controls).

Diamond Visionics sets the standard for high-performance Image Generation software.  Their unparalleled real-time rendering runs directly from GIS source data eliminating the need for expensive pre-built databases.  They provide a wide range of visual simulation capabilities to meet customer needs ranging from mission rehearsal training to full motion-based simulators.

Q4 Services is a provider of innovative visual display systems and related services. Q4’s unique manufacturing process and in-house engineering capabilities provide clients with an unmatched, value-added training partner for any project size, or complexity. An ability to be flexible and agile helps Q4 consistently meet or exceed performance specifications for each customer and deliver them on time; every time.

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