Our Technology

So, what kind of magic is there behind these mysterious motion effects?

How it works

Our technology is leading edge, yet simple. After sound and image, D-BOX is the natural evolution of cinema. Much like a movie soundtrack, motion effects or MFX are created frame-by-frame by our Motion Designers in our California Studio creating the unique patented D-BOX Motion Code.

The signal is then sent to our actuators that act like little robots under your seat. Unlike theme park rides, D-BOX is smooth and blends perfectly with the sound and image to make your cinematic experience complete. Its motion is multilevel; it can whisk you as if you were speeding in a car chase or wipe you off gently as if you were by the ocean side.

The result is an unmatched immersive experience: you will feel as if you are part of the onscreen action.

We also supply our motion system to renowned integrators in various sectors: racing and flight simulators, home theatre seating manufacturers, arcades, casinos, industrial, governmental, institutional, museums, etc. The possibilities are endless...