Introduce Your Customers to an Exciting, Unprecedented Movie-Watching Experience

D-BOX is the pioneer and world leader in immersive cinematic motion created specifically for the movie theatre industry. That same state-of-the-art technology, delivering unsurpassed realism, and available in many theatres around the world can be introduced to your customers today. By offering D-BOX’s amazing motion to your customers, you can strengthen their loyalty by raising their movie-watching experience to new heights. Co-existing in perfect harmony with the audio and video playing on the screen, D-BOX’s motion has excited millions worldwide. The D-BOX Theatrical Solution can be easily and quickly integrated into your theatre and works seamlessly with your audio and video investment. In addition to being a great upgrade to the movie-watching experience, D-BOX provides your business with a new recurring revenue stream.
With D-BOX, regardless of your theatre’s configuration, you are in the driver’s seat.

Based on our positive experience with D-BOX in Peru, Chile and Colombia, it was a natural and easy decision to start deploying systems in Brazil, Cinemark’s largest market in Latin America.
Valmir Fernandes, President, Cinemark International

D-BOX can help you differentiate your theatre from your neighbouring competition. To learn more and get in touch with our commercial theatre experts, visit this page.

Hardware, Software and Humanware

The D-BOX Theatrical Solution is made of specialized hardware and software that store, manage and transmit motion codes to the special D-BOX enabled cinema seats installed in your auditoriums. The result is an incredible immersive cinematic motion experience, which is in sync with the action on the screen, immersing viewers in the movie to the point where they literally feel part of it. Such cinematic magic takes much more than hardware and software. It takes talent. What makes the experience one that connects on such an evocative, true-to-life level is the virtuosity of our motion designers. These gifted artists design and program each and every movement of the D-BOX enabled cinema seats to reflect the actions and emotions portrayed in the movie.

With over 190 movies specifically encoded for theatrical presentation, and more than 400 screens worldwide, the unique D-BOX Theatrical Solution is well proven and its immersive cinematic motion experience loved by millions.

I have had the great opportunity to work with D-BOX for many years.
D-BOX and their motion designers create an incredible experience that continues to bring in increased numbers of highly satisfied guests year after year.
James Hieminga, General Director, Cineplex Brossard

D-BOX encodes many movies each year. To learn more and get in touch with our commercial theatre experts, visit this page.

Add a New Revenue Stream to Your Business with the World Leader in Immersive Cinematic Motion

Today, exhibitors are relentlessly seeking new and creative ways to attract customers to their theatres.

Partnering with D-BOX offers the following benefits:

  • Differentiation from neighbouring competition
  • New recurring revenue stream
  • Additional ticket sales
  • Additional concession sales
  • Great movie-watching experience
  • Customer loyalty
  • Easy, fast integration
  • Affordable
  • Cinema seat configuration options
  • Flexible integration (row, multiple rows, section or full auditorium)

Immerse yourself in success by partnering with D-BOX and make your customers experience movies like never before. To learn more and get in touch with our commercial theatre experts, visit this page.


When you choose the D-BOX Theatrical Solution, you are partnering with the pioneer and world leader in immersive cinematic motion. Your theatre is outfitted with the most reliable, robust and cutting-edge technology available, which delivers to your customers the best and most sophisticated cinematic motion experience. Your current audio and video components remain the same because the D-BOX Theatrical Solution is flexible enough to adapt to many hardware configurations. Industrial-strength technology is at work, but strength, elegance and comfort were at the top of our minds.

D-BOX motion seats have been overwhelmingly popular with our guests. We look forward to bringing the D-BOX experience to additional locations across the country—and giving even more movie fans the opportunity to enjoy one of the most immersive experiences in cinema today.
Ellis Jacob, President and CEO, Cineplex Entertainment Canada

To learn more about the D-BOX Theatrical Solution and get in touch with our commercial theatre experts, visit this page.

THE D-BOX Theatrical Solution

The D-BOX Theatrical Solution, a combination of hardware, software and seats, delivers the unique, award-winning D-BOX immersive cinematic motion experience. No modifications to your current projection room hardware are necessary and the D-BOX Theatrical Solution’s installation is easy, fast and flexible.

The D-BOX MFX Rack


The D-BOX MFX Rack contains all the required hardware components that deliver the amazing D-BOX immersive cinematic motion experience. It is installed and connected to your equipment located in the projection room, and to the Internet (for media downloads, software updates and support).

The MFX Server in the D-BOX MFX Rack stores, manages and transmits the movie-specific motion codes that deliver motion signals for each D-BOX motion-enabled cinema seat.

The D-BOX Cinema Seats

D-BOX motion-enabled seats are at the end of the D-BOX Theatrical Solution chain. When your customer sits in them, he/she will feel like they are literally IN the movie. Not only are they designed and built to meet various safety requirements, but they are very comfortable and perfectly deliver the motion and textures that D-BOX is renowned for.

D-BOX Cinema Seating Options

(Model, colors and designs may vary in certain countries)


To learn more about the D-BOX Theatrical Solution and get in touch with our commercial theatre experts, visit this page.


Each theatre is unique in its own way and D-BOX understands that to provide the best long-term service to its customers, it must think of its solution not only in terms of cutting-edge technology but also how it is deployed. This is why D-BOX’s integration model is the most flexible in the business. The D-BOX Theatrical Solution is integrated following a simple rule: You Grow, We Grow.

Our guests love it. People love the position in the auditorium; they get reserved seating right in the sweet spot of the theater.
Jeremy P. Welman, Chief Operating Officer, Cobb Theatres


Easy to plan, fast to install and flexible to meet all your current and future needs

Whether your theatre is large or small, D-BOX can meet your needs with its very flexible integration model. In time, these needs may evolve and D-BOX will easily and quickly help you with that growth by adapting your current integration to a new one, more suited to your new objectives.

Flexible Seating Integration Options

Single Row Multiple Rows Centered Section Complete Auditorium

Maximizing Your D-BOX Revenue

In addition to flexible seating integration, to accommodate concurrent movie releases or back-to-back blockbusters in a very short timeframe, D-BOX, as an option, suggests the addition of a second screen equipped with an appropriate number of D-BOX motion-enabled seats. Many theatres around the world have found that this proactive approach has helped them accommodate a larger number of customers thereby increasing their D-BOX revenue.

Large Auditorium Mid-Sized Auditorium

To learn more about how you can benefit from the D-BOX Theatrical Solution and get in touch with our commercial theatre experts, visit this page.


These exhibitors from around the world offer the D-BOX immersive motion experience:









Contact: Thomas Ruettgers
Address: Marie-Curie Straße 20, 40721, Hilden, Germany
Tel.: +49 (211) 522875 Ext 0


Contact: Yar Sinitsov
Tel.: +31 652 648 615


Contact: Pakinam Taha
Address: Ramses Hilton Annex – 7th Floor, Cairo, Egypt
Alt. eMail:
Tel.: +201 2 221-19899 or +202 2 574-7436 or + 201 2 221-17335
Fax: +202 2 574-7437


Contact: Raymond Qiu
Address: Room 32027 Zhongtai Mansion, 3 Shuangqing Road, Haidian District, Beijing, PRC
Tel.: +86 138-1026-1035


Contact: Chui Tung Ming
Address: Workingberg Commercial Building – Room 03, 21/F – North Point Hong Kong – Hong Kong
Tel.: +2012-221-19899

For all other countries, please contact us directly.


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