The Automotive Optimal Motion-Cueing System

Discover 3 of the main benefits that D-BOX Motion-Cueing Systems bring to the Automotive Training and Analysis community

From specialized truck operation training and first responder readiness, to driver reflex-building and military ground vehicle familiarization, the applications of our driving simulation are limitless.

Augmenting drivers comfort, efficiency and safety on the road requires

  • Equipment and vehicles that are developed in a true-to-life virtual environment
  • Drivers that are trained systematically to develop their reflexes and psychomotor skills



D-BOX Platform reproduces, in real time, the movements and driving sensations of a vehicle in its environment according to the actions performed. Various movements during acceleration or deceleration or actions such as pitch or roll are all faithfully restored. Vibrations also restore the irregularities of road vibrations and jolts (curb, pothole, speed changes, skid…) and provide more reliability and performance.Therefore Ediser simulators powered by D-BOX Motion-Cueing Systems offers the highest fidelity motion systems at the best value.
Nicolas Akarsu – Head of export sales and international business development, EDISER


We can help you to implement the most efficient simulation environment for your needs. To learn more or to get in touch with our experts, visit this page.


D-BOX equips both manufacturers and fleet managers with the optimal motion-cueing systems to build driver reflexes, analyze them and increase their ability to react quickly in an accident, respond to unexpected obstacles, bumps or skids, and master a course or road.

1 – Validating new concepts for equipment or vehicles during R&D phases

Computer Aided Design is a core design element for every car or truck manufacturer. The design and validation cycle is essential to build competitive vehicles and ensure the best road readiness. Human factors, safety, and efficiency need to be measured precisely prior to even starting the production chain.

While engineering tools can provide great quantitative analysis, simulation tools are meant to provide R&D teams with qualitative results based on a driver’s experience. Like trainees, drivers undergoing tests need to be stimulated through multi-modal environments and be properly immersed in the testing exercise, and not distracted by their environment. D-BOX provides the ultimate layer of immersion, by allowing any R&D lab to deploy motion-cueing systems to feedback the kinesthetic behaviors of the vehicle to the testing drivers.

2 – Training fleets or new drivers

From adapting to unknown terrain to reacting to unexpected incidents (accidents, pedestrian interactions, vehicle malfunctions, extreme weather conditions) giving drivers the best possible training is absolutely critical. Reinforcing the decision-making process rapidly and positively is a crucial element.

Additionally, a driver’s skills need to reflect the market reality; driving safely is one thing, but driving economically is a complex challenge.

Make sure they’re totally prepared.

Whether you’re training one driver or 100, it’s up to you to ensure drivers get the training they need. Most learners are “multi modal,” meaning they need a combination of tactile cues and kinesthetic cues, as well as sensory input, to improve and ensure the effectiveness of their training. D-BOX simulation provides all of this and more.

3 – Marketing and sales tools

Dealerships, marketing events, tradeshows there are many contexts where drawing a crowd is the first priority. The presence of a new vehicle is usually enough to attract an audience, but in situations where competition abounds, bright lights and talented sales team might not be enough to differentiate your product.

Road tests, depending on the context, may not always be available or practical. Imagine if visitors in a dealership or a tradeshow were able to open the door of the new vehicle on-stage, sit behind the wheel and feel the engine roar to life, thanks to simulated motion. While remaining static in front of a projection screen, the passenger could feel the vehicle move as if it was actually in motion. D-BOX motion-cueing systems are already in use by several manufacturers supporting these solutions.

We can help you to implement the most efficient simulation environment for your needs. To learn more or to get in touch with our experts, visit this page.

Optimal technology that simulates real-life movement and vibrations

A state-of-the-art motion-cueing system, our technology seamlessly integrates with truck and car simulators, ensuring quick deployment and low maintenance. D-BOX motion-cueing systems are equally compatible with industry simulation software and serious games to create fully immersive simulated experiences for training and analysis.

D-BOX motion-cueing systems enable you to develop highly reliable training and analysis applications that respond and adapt to many variable conditions, including:

  • Pavement variations
  • A vehicle’s physical reaction to acceleration
  • Braking
  • Cornering
  • Suspension interaction feedback
  • Providing a sense of speed
  • Extreme weather conditions


D-BOX Gen II Actuators 1.5″ 2016-06-10 15_11_28-SpecsSheet_1 5.pdf - Adobe Reader D-BOX Gen II Actuators 3″ D-BOX Gen II Actuators 6″



D-BOX motion hardware can be integrated into a seat, platform or other surface to simulate a range of textures and scalable axes of movement. Our motion-cueing systems are evolutive and scalable. We can help you select the optimal arrangement of actuators for your application, ensuring you deliver on budget and on time.


For simulation, D-BOX interactive software uses motion algorithms to respond to user commands. Motion signals are sent to our motion controller, which decrypts the signal and sends the queue to our motion actuators. D-BOX motion specialists support your integration to replicate all vehicle movements from your simulation, including vehicle position, acceleration, suspension, detonations, engine vibrations and movement of articulated parts.


We can help you to implement the most efficient simulation environment for your needs. To learn more and get in touch with our experts, visit this page.

Ready to integrate into your architecture

Easily integrate D-BOX technology with your existing simulator’s architecture.


D-BOX Technology integrations rely on open APIs and communication standards to ensure that our motion-cueing systems easily interoperate with partner and client software to transfer all movements and vibrations from the simulation engine to real life.


Existing integrations to connect out-of-the-box with

CarSIM & TruckSIM by Mechanical Simulation Corporation
Vortex by CM Labs Simulations

If you are still looking for a way to affordably integrate motion into your simulation application, ask your software provider about existing integrations with D-BOX.



Application examples from training and simulation companies already leveraging D-BOX as their motion solution provider:

Virage Simulation ECA FAROS
Simulation Technology, LLC Develter innovation

As illustrated in these videos, the D-BOX motion solution is based on both a hardware kit of actuators and software integration of motion codes.


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Passage remarqué de la ministre Anglade @PlanetQcSXSW

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test Twitter Media - De la belle visite au Stand @icarxp du @salonautomtl,  @Bgodin qui devient le spectateur de l'expérience D-BOX en VR, dont il est le héros !
test Twitter Media - De la belle visite au Stand @icarxp du @salonautomtl,  @Bgodin qui devient le spectateur de l'expérience D-BOX en VR, dont il est le héros !

Starting this Friday @salonautomtl stop by @icarxp booth 5-14 for a D-BOX VR driving experience with Bertrand Godin

test Twitter Media - Starting this Friday @salonautomtl stop by @icarxp booth 5-14 for a D-BOX VR driving experience with Bertrand Godin

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Entertainment used to be passive—now virtual reality is making it active

#tsxignite M. Claude McMaster CEO de @dboxtech est un entrepreneur passionné et passionnant qui enchaîne les anecdotes sur un fond sérieux. Retweeted by D-BOX Technologies

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Press Clips

Autonomous vehicles, a trend in motion D-BOX technology adds a dimension of true-to-life motion to the realtime technologies system Richard Romano is president of Realtime Technologies, Inc, a division of FAAC Incorporated. They specialize in delivering research driving simulators, and support a wide variety of customers. Their systems are used to give feedback on suspension and driver comfort, ride handling, and new ...

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D-BOX Motion Plugin for VBS3 D-BOX Motion plugin for VBS3 allows users to simply connect any VBS application to D-BOX Motion Solution and to feel the action. With the D-BOX Motion plugin, any desktop-based application can be transformed into a more immersive simulator. Learn more about this plugin and download it on Bohemia Interactive Simulation Marketplace  Product Features Motion: Replicate motion of any vehicle ...

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MRAP DRIVER SIMULATOR CM LABS presents new all-terrain vehicle driver trainers featuring the new GEN-II system by D-BOX As the requirements for military ground vehicle training evolve, the industry is facing a number of challenges that will have to be met if they are to remain relevant and competitive. With more complex equipment on board, shrinking budgets, and heightened ...

NEW RELEASE : D-BOX Motion Systems – Gen II NEW RELEASE : D-BOX Motion Systems - Gen II

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CES 2016 – 6th – 9th Jan, Las Vegas (NV) Learn more about D-BOX in VR after this link ( Contact us, let us know your impressions as you tried D-BOX Motion Solutions. If you didn’t have a chance to visit CES 2016, e-mail us to find out how to try D-BOX in your region. ) D-BOX Motion Cueing solutions are present in Simulators and in many ...

DSC 2015 Europe – 16-18 Sept 2015, Tübingen (Germany) D-BOX will be on booth #15 Our simulation and training team will bring a driving simulator highlighting the fast integration and ease of deployment of D-BOX Motion Systems. To discover how D-BOX Technology supports the automotive industry follow this link. Don’t take our words on it, read what our motion systems adopters in the automotive industry are saying about their ...

DSC 2016 Europe VR – Paris, France – 7-9 Sept 2016 More about D-BOX in the Automotive Industry. Driving Simulation & Virtual Reality Conference Held in Paris (France), the 2016 edition of the DSC conference is organized by the Arts et Métiers ParisTech, Renault, IFSTTAR and the Driving Simulation Association, and sponsored by Optis. The goal of this international conference is to propose to academics and practitioners an all-round view of the state of ...

Eurosatory 2016 – 13-17 June, Paris (France) After a successful first exhibition at Eurosatory in 2014, D-BOX is returning to the conference in June 2016. Pursuing its goal to further develop its footprint within the simulation and training community, D-BOX Technologies Inc. is proud to announce its presence at the Eurosatory. D-BOX Gen II announcement + 6 simulators on the show floor Contact us to follow ...

I/ITSEC 2016 – 28 Nov – 2nd Dec, Orlando (FL) Post I/ITSEC recap 10+ Simulators on D-BOX Motion for I/ITSEC 50th Anniversary D-BOX Motion System is a simple alternative to traditional simulation Motion Systems, by offering a practical and modular motion cueing system that can be integrated with any existing or future simulators in the field. Leveraging D-BOX technology to training simulators increases both safety and productivity ...

ITEC 2016 – 17-19 May, London (UK) Pursuing its goal to further develop its footprint within the simulation and training community, D-BOX Technologies Inc. is proud to announce its presence at the ITEC trade show. From May 17 to 19, in London (UK), D-BOX will demonstrate its innovative motion-cueing systems integrated for army, air force and navy with prestigious partners, like Bohemia ...

Montreal International Auto Show – 20th – 29th January 2017 – Canada D-BOX Technologies teams up with ICAR for exciting VR display. Access ICAR Reservation Center here to book your simulation time even after Montreal Auto Show. In a unique demonstration of immersive virtual reality, attendees will be given the opportunity to drive shotgun in a racecar piloted by Bertrand Godin, spokesperson of 2017 MIAS. Created in collaboration ...