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Accessible – Engaging – Optimal

The flight simulation community is a mature and powerful industry that is constantly reinventing itself. While even 10 years ago it was not possible to imagine an affordable motion-enabled simulator, today it’s impossible to imagine a simulator being set up without motion. Over the years, D-BOX has proven that efficient and reliable movement in a flight simulator doesn’t have to mean heavy, hard to deploy or expensive.

With a large deployment of simulators for both fixed and rotary wings, D-BOX is used in both military and civil aircraft simulators.

D-BOX develops motion technology for training and simulation applications. Our motion-cueing systems are used anywhere people need to experience kinesthetic training for critical operations — army, air force and navy training and analysis.

Affordable and easy to integrate, D-BOX technology creates true-to-life, immersive motion effects when paired with high fidelity simulation engines.

Reasonable distractions like turbulence, engine vibration and parasitic drag are important elements for flight training. D-BOX motion adds to the richness of the training experience. We integrate D-BOX in every opportunity.
Mike Altman
CEO, Precision Flight Control


We can help you to deliver maximum training transfer to pilots. To learn more and get in touch with our experts, visit this page.

 D-BOX Motion-Cueing Systems core benefits


Optimal simulation training is engaging enough to remove psychological barriers to learning, creating psychomotor reflexes that respond to real-life situations. D-BOX immerses trainees by replicating the platform’s movement while using rich motion cueing to replicate vibrations, such as detonations, in the surrounding environment.


Traditional training simulators are not necessarily optimal from a cost benefit perspective. D-BOX motion-cueing systems deliver state-of-the-art simulation at a fraction of the price. What’s more, our interoperability and ease of deployment further reduce the overall cost of deploying and managing a simulation training program.

Easy to Deploy

Operational requirements and situations can quickly develop and change, requiring simulation systems that can be rapidly deployed anywhere, anytime. An interoperable COTS solution, D-BOX technology is a game changer, thanks to its ease of installation, low electrical power requirements, low shipment weight and reduced deployment time.


Easily integrate D-BOX technology with your existing simulator’s architecture. We rely on open APIs and communication standards to ensure that our motion-cueing systems easily interoperate with partner and client software.

Commercial Off-the-Shelf

As a COTS system, D-BOX offers a remarkably affordable and reliable solution. Our technology is supported and documented, and therefore easy to integrate and manage. Users can access all our expertise, including motion code, behavioral subtlety and vibrations.

We can help you to deliver maximum training transfer to pilots. To learn more and get in touch with our experts, visit this page.

Robust technology that simulates real-life movement and vibrations

D-BOX motion-cueing systems enable you to develop highly reliable training applications that respond and adapt to real-life situations, such as textures, velocity, engine vibrations and vehicle dynamics motion. By integrating our motion-cueing systems with your simulation engine, you gain a highly reliable simulator that responds to on-screen situations and user responses, using kinesthetic cues to build operators’ psychomotor reflexes.

D-BOX Gen II Actuators 1.5″ 2016-06-10 15_11_28-SpecsSheet_1 5.pdf - Adobe Reader D-BOX Gen II Actuators 3″ D-BOX Gen II Actuators 6″



D-BOX motion hardware can be integrated into a seat, platform or other surface to simulate a range of textures and scalable axes of movement. Our motion-cueing systems are evolutive and scalable. We can help you select the optimal arrangement of actuators for your application, ensuring you deliver on budget and on time.


For simulation, D-BOX interactive software uses motion algorithms to respond to user commands. Motion signals are sent to our motion controller, which decrypts the signal and sends the queue to our motion actuators. D-BOX motion specialists support your integration to replicate all vehicle movements from your simulation, including vehicle position, acceleration, suspension, detonations, engine vibrations and movement of articulated parts.


We can help you to deliver maximal training transfer to pilots. To learn more and get in touch with our experts, visit this page.

Ready to fit into your architecture

Easily integrate D-BOX technology with your existing simulator’s architecture.


D-BOX Technology integrations rely on open APIs and communication standards to ensure that our motion-cueing systems easily interoperate with partner and client software to transfer all movements and vibrations from the simulation engine to real life.


Existing integrations to connect out-of-the-box with

A Pre-Integrated Motion Solution – Ready to Connect

Along with an ease of integration that’s based on our adoption of standards and the open API available with D-BOX motion solutions, we deliver out-of-the-box integrations with many of the most commonly used engines:

  • X-Plane is the world’s most comprehensive and powerful flight simulator for personal computers. With the most realistic flight model available for home users, X-Plane is not just a game–it is an engineering tool that can be, and is, used to predict the flight characteristics of nearly any aircraft with incredible accuracy. The same engine used to drive the FAA-certified simulator is available on your desktop PC, whether it’s running Windows, Mac OS, or Linux.
  • Prepar3D is a visual simulation platform that allows users to create training scenarios across aviation, maritime and ground domains. Users can train anywhere in the virtual world, from under water to sub orbital space. Prepar3D furthers the development of Microsoft® ESP™ while maintaining compatibility with Microsoft Flight Simulator X, allowing many thousands of add-ons to be used within Prepar3D.
  • Lockheed Martin ESPcan engage users in immersive experiences with very realistic land, sea, and air environments—making them ideal tools for training, evaluating, and preparing personnel for optimal performance in the real world. Microsoft ESP enables organizations to create, deliver, and realize the enormous benefits of immersive simulations while gaining a strong return on investment that’s not readily available from other platforms today.

If you are still looking for a way to affordably integrate motion into your simulation application, ask your software provider about existing integrations with D-BOX.



Application examples from training and simulation companies already leveraging D-BOX as their motion solution provider:

Fast Jet Simulator
Titan HD “Combat Zone”

Precision Flight Controls

As illustrated in these videos, the D-BOX motion solution is based on both a hardware kit of actuators and software integration of motion codes.


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Our launch last week during @salonautomtl didn't go unnoticed. Thanks @Blooloop…

Moins de 48h avant l'ouverture du @salonautomtl RDV au kiosque ICAR 5-14 pour une expérience unique ! @dboxtech… Retweeted by Sebastien Loze

The show didn't open yet. Our fellow exhibitors coming from their booths already enjoying it. #VR @salonautomtl with @icarxp and @dboxtech

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With @icarxp, @dboxtech #simulator is ready to make you feel #VR in a way that will move you @salonautomtl booth 5/14

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Big News: @dboxtech just launched a new #Simracing portal, like it here:… stay tuned for more during @salonautomtl

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Transformers made real |from road to training with a truck transforming into a @SigmaIntegrale simulator #CES2017 #motioncueing by @dboxtech

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Attending #CES2017 ? Come down to booth 10039 and have a drive of @iRacing at Charlotte with the @Hisense_USA NASCAR @JoeGibbsRacing Retweeted by Sebastien Loze

Are you #CES2017 ? Challenging you : Find out on how many booth @dboxtech #motionCueing systems are present. Tips:…

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I would like to extend my best wishes to those listening here for a very happy new year. To you and your loved ones, let 2017 be better !

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Quantum3D to showcase training solutions at upcoming Orlando exposition - Government Security News : Retweeted by Sebastien Loze

Our @dboxtech #MotionCueing availble out-of-the-box in @vxsim free edition Vortex Studio (source: @IITSECshowdaily)…

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interesting mention by @presagis during #IITSEC about #motionCueing brought by @dboxtech in #HELICRAFT : read more…

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Helicopter Sim piloting with @NATO_ACT Brig. Gen. Athanasios Tsouganatos #IITSEC #MotionCueing @dboxtech full story:…

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It was our honor last week to present Raydon UGT-I retrofit #IITSEC to Col. Buhl @ArmyResearchLab / Read more :…

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#NATO has recognized the importance of reaching out to nations and partners to seek their skills and training opportunities for our benefits Retweeted by Sebastien Loze

Final briefing of @iitsec with 45 mins left until endex. Thanks to @dboxtech. Keep informed @ShephardNews. Byeeee! Retweeted by Sebastien Loze

I spoke with Brig Gen Athanasios Tsouganatos at @NATO_ACT about objectives future training in NATO #IITSEC… Retweeted by Sebastien Loze

Some of the great pics taken from @dboxtech booth at #IITSEC with @halldalemedia @CDRmagazine @CDR_Editor #PMTRASYS and other friends

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#IITSEC news bulletin: VT MÄK selects Vortex Studio Essentials to power VR-Engage Multi-Role Simulator. Read more:… Retweeted by Sebastien Loze

Good chat with @presagis about its new Heli Craft customisable helicopter sim. Story in the #IITSEC show daily tomorrow. @iitsec #avgeek Retweeted by Sebastien Loze

#aviation: @Presagis Announces New Customizable Aircraft #Simulation Platforms #drone Retweeted by Sebastien Loze

So, I just flew a helicopter at #Canadian @dboxtech booth 2457 at #IITSEC16! I got better at the end of the flight. Retweeted by Sebastien Loze

CM Labs to introduce D-BOX motion cueing system plugin for Vortex Studio… - Learn more at CM Labs booth 2270 #I/ITSEC Retweeted by Sebastien Loze

#IITSEC benefits #NATO's future posture through modeling and simulation and its military application. Retweeted by Sebastien Loze

Twitter Media
Twitter Media

The first simulator using @dboxtech Gen II #MotionCueing. Vx Advantage @vxsim on display #IITSEC is being noticed in @NTSA_IITSEC show daily

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"Congratulations to @presagis on their launch of #helicraft" - the entire @dboxtech Simulation and Training team. #IITSEC #MotionCueing

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Asking an #IITSEC veteran when was his first time. 25 years he said. @MST_Magazine #JeffLoube. - come and take your picture. @dboxtech 2457

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The most compact dynamic Flight Simulator in #VR with motion cueing by @dboxtech on @BISimulations booth #IITSEC #F18-A

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You know your sim rocks : people are lining up before #IITSEC opens to try it. (@dboxtech booth 2457) with @FlyPFC #ryanAerospace @Quantum3D

Twitter Media

In case you didn't hear from @NTSA_IITSEC yet. #IITSEC 50th anniversary #Selfie #WallofFame is close by booth #2457 @dboxtech see u tomorrow

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When #DoronPrecisionSystems @vxsim and @dboxtech allow you to drive this #MRAP simulator #IITSEC - See you tomorrow booth #2457 and #2270

Twitter Media

When #VR is used seriously for #training. Gunner trainer by #Raydon. Ready for prime-time #IITSEC (#motionCueing by @dboxtech booth 2457)

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A busy Saturday. Our friends from @FlyPFC @Quantum3D #RyanAerospace brought to life this new Helo Simulator #IITSEC on @dboxtech booth 2457

Twitter Media

Impactful collaboration from @dboxtech on this #VR experience… Retweeted by Sebastien Loze

Meet the new Vortex Advantage! Watch the video for a virtual introduction or take it for a test drive at @NSCsafety… Retweeted by Sebastien Loze

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Press Clips

Barco and D-BOX – Immersive technologies from acceptable To outstanding Simulators must use state-of-the-art audio, visual and motion cues to transport users to different worlds and augment training transfer. Two leading companies present a solution to the challenge of finding technology that is affordable and effective at the same time. Quebec, Canada-based D-BOX Technologies Inc. designs, manufactures and commercializes cutting-edge Motion Systems for the international industrial ...

Bell 206 Helicopter Simulator D-BOX Technologies, Ryan Aerospace, Precision Flight Control and Quantum3D combine expertise and technologies to fly the Bell 206 helicopter simulator into uncharted territory. With so many companies competing for everyone’s attention at I/ITSEC 2016, standing out from the crowd is a challenge that most exhibitors have a hard time with. Of course, flashy display booths, colorful ...

D-BOX Motion Plugin for VBS3 D-BOX Motion plugin for VBS3 allows users to simply connect any VBS application to D-BOX Motion Solution and to feel the action. With the D-BOX Motion plugin, any desktop-based application can be transformed into a more immersive simulator. Learn more about this plugin and download it on Bohemia Interactive Simulation Marketplace  Product Features Motion: Replicate motion of any vehicle ...

F/A-18 VR Pilot Training – Bohemia Interactive Simulation Portability, readiness and cost savings are the order of the day. Bohemia Interactive Simulations bring F/A-18 VR pilot training device to ITSEC with the help of D-BOX technologies. You would be hard pressed to find anyone in the crowd at ITSEC this year that would challenge you on the fact that the military industry is currently facing ...

Lehigh Valley, Flight Simulations for the future A visionary pilot’s quest to take aviation training to the next level With help from D-BOX, a commercial airline pilot is turning a flight-training paradigm on its head.  Jayson Baron’s passion is teaching others to fly, and for existing pilots, improve their proficiency and skill set. This 29-year / 20,000-hour Captain for United Airlines saw firsthand ...

Leveraging D-BOX motion in FAA approved Aviation Training Devices Precision Flight Controls, inc. soars ahead of compliance requirements with D-BOX motion systems. Precision Flight, industry-leading manufacturers of flight training devices, are early adopters of D-BOX technology. Mike Altman is the CEO of Precision Flight. Mike’s Military Aviation, General Aviation and 25 years in the business shows the quality and performance of their simulators. We know what our ...

NEW RELEASE : D-BOX Motion Systems – Gen II NEW RELEASE : D-BOX Motion Systems - Gen II

Porrima and D-BOX are off to a flying start Porrima Simulations connection to D-BOX goes all the way back to an event for Breitling watches, where their parent company set-up a flight simulator powered by D-BOX’s Motion Cueing Systems. It was, needless to say, a hit with the crowd that earned them more offers to work with prestigious companies such as Porsche and Jaguar. Building upon ...

Presagis HELICRAFT at IITSEC 2016 D-BOX congratulates Presagis on the launch of HELICRAFT at i/itsec 2016 Of all the events scheduled for I/ITSEC 2016, one of the most exciting for the entire Sim & Train team at D-BOX Technologies Inc. will be the launch of HELICRAFT, a high-fidelity customizable helicopter simulator, by Presagis, a leading provider of commercial modelling, simulation, and embedded ...

Presagis partners with D-BOX to present a high-accuracy open architecture helicopter simulator For ITEC 2016, Presagis, a leading provider of commercial modeling, simulation, and embedded software, has partnered with D-BOX Technologies Inc. who designs and creates motion effects specifically programmed for each visual content. Helicopter training simulators are designed to teach pilots specific skills and capabilities. By adding kinesthetic cues to the training process, the trainee receives additional ...


D-BOX is always out there spreading the word

Check this section regularly for upcoming events and trade shows where you can visit our booths, try our demos and have a chat with us…

ALEA EXPO 2016 – Savannah, GA

ALEA EXPO 2016 sets the standard for excellence in the field of public safety aviation. Filled with education and training, ALEA will again offer some of the best conference courses and classes in our industry, presented by the experts from our industry.  The exhibition floor is a great venue to check out the latest, cutting-edge technology for public safety aviation, in addition to providing a great opportunity to visit with peers.

D-BOX in partnership with Elite Simulation Solution – are presenting Elite Simulation new product : Hover & Autorotation trainer.

Meet D-BOX and Elite Simulation Solution in Savannah and learn more about D-BOX Motion Cueing during ALEA 2016.





One International Drive, Savannah, GA 31402-0248
P 912-447-4000Savannah Int’l Convention Center website


Eurosatory 2016 – 13-17 June, Paris (France)

After a successful first exhibition at Eurosatory in 2014, D-BOX is returning to the conference in June 2016. Pursuing its goal to further develop its footprint within the simulation and training community, D-BOX Technologies Inc. is proud to announce its presence at the Eurosatory.

D-BOX Gen II announcement
6 simulators on the show floor

Contact us to follow up after Eurosatory

From June 13 to 17, in Paris (France), D-BOX demonstrated its innovative motion-cueing systems integrated for army, air force and navy with prestigious partners, like Pitch, Bohemia Interactive Simulations, Esterline and Presagis.

D-BOX announced its next generation of Motion Cueing Systems.

On the June 13th 2016, 9h00 GMT, D-BOX revealed its next generation of Motion Cueing Systems (Gen II). While remaining committed to its preciseness and cost efficiency values D-BOX introduces the answer to the requests we heard from the simulation and training community technical experts. Stay tuned for ...

I/ITSEC 2016 – 28 Nov – 2nd Dec, Orlando (FL)

Post I/ITSEC recap

10+ Simulators on D-BOX Motion for I/ITSEC 50th Anniversary

D-BOX Motion System is a simple alternative to traditional simulation Motion Systems, by offering a practical and modular motion cueing system that can be integrated with any existing or future simulators in the field. Leveraging D-BOX technology to training simulators increases both safety and productivity for operators, pilots and gunners across the spectrum of industries from construction and heavy equipment to automotive and defense.

Aside from it being the 50th anniversary of the I/ITSEC conference, it is also a special year for D-BOX as 12 of our Motion Cueing systems will be on display.

Today, our product developments are still defined by a strong desire to innovate but it’s propelled by a compulsion to exceed the needs of a changing industry. That organic amalgamation created a new level of product readiness for us. We’ve developed ...

ITEC 2016 – 17-19 May, London (UK)

Pursuing its goal to further develop its footprint within the simulation and training community, D-BOX Technologies Inc. is proud to announce its presence at the ITEC trade show. From May 17 to 19, in London (UK), D-BOX will demonstrate its innovative motion-cueing systems integrated for army, air force and navy with prestigious partners, like Bohemia Interactive Simulations, Esterline and Presagis.

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(Press kit available for download at the end of this page)

During ITEC 2016, D-BOX presented demos at the following booths

More stories shared during ITEC 2016

In addition of these 3 booth D-BOX is presenting the RAF Shawbury Part-task trainers Testimonial (read more here) and its recent agreement with RT Dynamics (read more here).


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