Get into pole position with precise, high-performance motion-cueing systems.

Feeling is Believing

Racing simulation systems are constantly being enhanced with more precise technologies like better visual, more pixels and larger screens, clearer sound with added channels and a larger frequency response scope, and force feedback steering systems. Precise motion and vibration are the next levels of experience that are necessary to maintain a competitive edge. D-BOX Technology is now even better at creating believable simulation experiences, stimulating your kinesthetic sense to mimic a real driving experience. These hightech actuators will generate physical cues that are critical in car driving simulation.

D-BOX in Racing Simulators

For over 10 years D-BOX has been working with the entertainment and simulation industries providing motion solutions creating a realistic experience for audiences and bringing them in on the action. Track personality and conditions as well as race car handling are essential in improving a driver’s preparedness. Getting ready for a championship and having the opportunity to virtually rehearse a track in any weather condition is a new key competitive advantage. The total immersive experience in training translates into fractions of second enhancements and improvements that will help drivers to get closer to the pole position.


When I finally got onto the track afterwards, I was really surprised at how accurate it was. Everything felt so familiar. The feedback from D-BOX Motion Systems has been incredibly realistic.
Laurens Vanthoor Audi and WRT GT racecar driver


We can help you to train like the best. To learn more or to get in touch with our experts, visit this page.


 D-BOX Motion-Cueing Systems core benefits


Optimal simulation training is engaging enough to remove psychological barriers to learning, creating psychomotor reflexes that respond to real-life situations. D-BOX immerses drivers by replicating the platform’s movement while using rich motion cueing to replicate vibrations, as well as any discrete event in the surrounding environment.


Traditional training simulators are not necessarily optimal from a cost benefit perspective. D-BOX motion-cueing systems deliver state-of-the-art simulation at a fraction of the price. What’s more, our interoperability and ease of deployment further reduce the overall cost of deploying and managing a simulation training program.

Easy to Deploy

Operational requirements and situations can quickly develop and change, requiring simulation systems that can be rapidly deployed anywhere, anytime. An interoperable COTS solution, D-BOX technology is a game changer, thanks to its ease of installation, low electrical power requirements, low shipment weight and reduced deployment time.


Optimal simulation training removes the psychological barriers to learning, developing psychomotor reflexes that respond to real-life situations. D-BOX immerses pilots, trainees and testers in the simulation by replicating the platform’s movement, while using rich motion cueing to
replicate vibrations and all vehicle movements.

Commercial Off-the-Shelf

As a COTS system, D-BOX offers a remarkably affordable and reliable solution. Our technology is supported and documented, and is therefore easy to integrate and manage. Users can access all our expertise, including motion code, behavioral subtlety and vibrations.

We can help you to train like the best. To learn more and get in touch with our experts, visit this page.

Robust technology that simulates real-life movement and vibrations

D-BOX motion-cueing systems enable you to develop highly reliable training applications that respond and adapt to real-life situations, such as textures, velocity, engine vibrations and vehicle dynamics motion. By integrating our motion-cueing systems with your simulation engine, you gain a highly reliable simulator that responds to on-screen situations and user responses, using kinesthetic cues to build operators’ psychomotor reflexes.

D-BOX Gen II Actuators 1.5″ 2016-06-10 15_11_28-SpecsSheet_1 5.pdf - Adobe Reader D-BOX Gen II Actuators 3″ D-BOX Gen II Actuators 6″



D-BOX motion-cueing systems are evolutive and scalable. Integrated into a seat, platform or other surface, they are designed to simulate a range of textures and scalable axes of movement. Whatever you require, D-BOX can help you select the best arrangement of actuators for your application, on budget and on time.


D-BOX interactive software uses motion algorithms to respond to user commands. Motion signals are sent to our motion controller that decodes the signal and sends the queue to our motion actuators. D-BOX motion specialists support your integration to replicate all vehicle movements from your simulator. These include vehicle position, acceleration, suspension, engine vibrations and movement of articulated parts.


We can help you to train like the best. To learn more and get in touch with our experts, visit this page.

Ready to fit into your architecture

Easily integrate D-BOX technology with your existing simulator’s architecture.


D-BOX Technology integrations rely on open APIs and communication standards to ensure that our motion-cueing systems easily interoperate with partner and client software to transfer all movements and vibrations from the simulation engine to real life.


Existing integrations to connect out-of-the-box with

CarSIM & TruckSIM by Mechanical Simulation Corporation
Assetto Corsa
Euro Truck Simulator


Many other videogame titles and simulation engine are available out of the box with D-BOX Motion-Cueing Systems. If you are still looking for a way to affordably integrate motion into your simulation application, ask your software provider about existing integrations with D-BOX.



Application examples from training and simulation companies already leveraging D-BOX as their motion solution provider:

Fast Jet Simulator
LAV III – HLA enabled

Gunnery Station

As illustrated in these videos, the D-BOX motion solution is based on both a hardware kit of actuators and software integration of motion codes.


D-BOX Partners solution

Immerse yourself right into the game instead of just playing. You’ll literally feel like you’re on the race track, in the cockpit or on the battlefields. D-BOX is partnering with some of the finest manufacturers to incorporate its motion system for a completely immersive experience.

Our Gaming Partners have the stylish game chair with the real immersion you’re looking for.

Aeon Simulators manufacture and distribute stylish racing rigs.  The new D-Series allows you to customize all aspects of the rig to make yours one of a kind.  Enhance all aspects of driving by adding the D-Box system.  Anything is possible!

ARC_Team (Advanced Reality Constructor) is a leading company in the driving simulation sector. Their aim is to provide products of the highest technology level in the world for driving simulation and satisfy the requirements for these markets which include: SIM RACING, ENTERTAINMENT & MOTORSPORT. Formula cockpit, GT frame, driving control (steering wheels, pedal sets, shifters, handbrake etc…) and motion systems, are all designed and can be customized for any request.

Why do you miss the real feeling and emotions of Formula 1, GT or rally race cars? You can live all these thrilling experiences with us!
ARC-Team Engineering is your final choice: in all our simulators you can find the knowledge exported from the real motorsport world, where our engineers work every day.
We are sure can’t believe to your senses! Why we are what you are looking for?

Because our simulators are the state of art in terms of italian technology, realized by people who work every day on real race cars and they are equipped with unique components developed for the maximum realism.

Dimension – Formula-1 (210mm-90mm-100mm) – GT/Rally (200mm-90mm-110mm)
Weight – 100/120 kg for Formula 1 – 80/110kg for GT/Rally
2 actuators/4 actuators depending the model

ARC TEAM - D-BOX enabled simulator

ARC TEAM – D-BOX enabled simulator (4 actuators)

ARC TEAM - D-BOX enabled simulator (2 actuators)

ARC TEAM – D-BOX enabled simulator (2 actuators)

ARC TEAM - D-BOX enabled simulator

ARC TEAM – D-BOX enabled simulator






Website | Facebook | ARC-Team Engineering srls – Viale Brambilla 98 – 27100 Pavia – Italy

The company was born from the will of Emanuele Salvi to use his previous working experiences and his big passion for motorsport. Today DEM Racing Simulators is facing an exponential growing thanks to the great response of the market and to the higly professional members of the company. The aim is to let both passion and products grow together to offer a high variety of products able to satisfy every motorsport fan. «A product that speaks for itself». Few simple words that let understand how DEM Racing Simulators is a pragmatic company that concentrates on facts. The attention to detail and the competence are visible from the very first contact with the customer, whose requests are taken into consideration and who receives suggestions on how to reach the best output to meet his/her needs, so to satisfy his/her desire to feel strong emotions as close to reality as possible. The customer care service is backed up by a careful partner selection, especially for suppliers, chosen among the best available on the market for a top product!

Fast Track Sims Pro Level Oval and GT style static racing simulator

Presicion TIG welded Race Car tube style sim racing chassis. Built for the ever increasing forces applied by todays driver input systems: high pressure brakes, high force direct drive wheels, sequential shifters,etc.

The Fast Track Sims TC-R1 Pro Sim Chassis is built to withstand these forces allowing you to feel the full benefit of evolving driver controls.







If your sim cockpit is flexing, you are losing feedback and some of the benefits of these high end controls have to offer! Your sim chassis is a vital component in having the best sim racing experience possible.

Our unique design, allows for a very accurate race car seating position and the most realistic immersion available!!!

Designed for static or D-Box 4250i actuators with its unique outboard “suspension” leg and actuator mounts.

Dimensions: 64″L x 34″W x 29″H

Weight: Base chassis 160 lbs


Website | Fast Track Sims – 2905 Ball Ground Hwy – Canton, GA 30114 – USA

Manufacturers of the World’s best Racing Car Simulators and the first Simulation Race Centres in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and various locations in Europe. As used by many professional racing car drivers.

IMS is a company that creates and sells simulators for car racing, flight and video games. After researching which technology would provide the most realistic experience, we chose D-BOX as a partner. By adapting their technology with our systems, we are able to market their products to a superior level.

Website | Facebook | Immersion Motion Solutions – Avenue de la Plaine – 06250 Mougins – FRANCE

Designed to attract attention, draw a crowd and to get people intrigued by what’s going on inside the simulator, there is huge scope to add excitement to your brand:

If you are attending an event – or want to entertain important clients, our products offer flexible and exciting communication opportunities that will not disappoint. Externally, the stunning design and huge branding surface areas mean you can communicate your brand, advertising, or corporate message in a new way to important audiences. Internally, choose from Touring, GT or Formula driving positions with pre-defined timed sessions or set up a competition. Alternatively you may want to offer flight or first person shooter simulation – the choice is yours, the result is guaranteed; people talking about and getting excited about your brand.

Designed, developed and manufactured in the UK, production of the TL3 started in 2015 with units already being shipped internationally to professional race drivers, Simulation Centres, training organisations and prestige motor manufacturers – anyone seeking the ultimate and most realistic simulation experience available. The ultimate F1 Simulator, GT car simulator and driving simulator.

200-green tl3-orange






Website | Facebook Motion Simulation Ltd – 935 Yeovil Road – Slough Trading Estate – Berkshire – United Kingdom

Modular, robust and efficient, Race Start Concept simulators allow pilots and race car hobbyist to feel the action of their races using D-BOX actuators.

rc4v1 rc4v2 rc4v7






Website | Facebook | RACESTART CONCEPT – 49 Rue de Normandie – Courbevoie – France

Scalable and efficient Racing Simulation simulators are deployed in turnkey SimRooms and allow both GT and Formula 1 pilots to train and entertain themselves. Racing Simulation simulators leverage D-BOX Motion Cueing Systems to reproduce both motion and vibrations for all cars.

formule-1-echelle-1-2-02 lsx4-03 lsx2-01






Website | Facebook | SARL Racing Simulation – 10 rue Henri Spriet – 14120 MONDEVILLE – France

ROBERTSHAW Racing designs its Formula Simulator Chassis’ based on the Formula 1000 Open Wheel race cars they run and race in Real World Racing. Built not to flex and utilising Real World Top Shelf or Bespoke simulator components complimented by D-Box Motion Systems, our simulators deliver one of the Best Motorsport Immersions on the market today! Typical customers are Real World Race Teams and Discerning Motorsport Enthusiasts.

dsc0690-1024x678 dsc0720-1024x678 dsc0746-1024x678





Website | Facebook |The Race Room Unit 13, 2355 52nd Ave SE Calgary, AB – CANADA

RSEAT is a leading manufacturer of premium simracing equipment. RSEAT Ltd. manufacturing facility is located in Europe, Bulgaria, city of Gabrovo. With the latest production technologies, experience and trained specialist staff we provide a flawless product quality and functionality. RSEAT products are sold in over 70 countries across the globe.

rs-formula-m4a-black-06 rseat-rs1-m4a-black-02 rseat-rs1-m5a-black-05






Website | Facebook | West Industrial Zone, 5300 Gabrovo, Bulgaria

SIMATOK provides solutions and special packages for the experienced simulator drivers (sim racers), for the people who wish to take part in the sim racing community or for those who wish to acquire our simulators.

The SIMATOK RG 265 simulator is the essential tool for your trainings. Thanks to its carefully selected components you can adjust your driving position and really feel like you are in a real race car.

Indeed, we are perfectly aware that you, maybe together with your sim racing friends or even with some IT-specialized acquaintances, you may not necessarily need our services to set up all the computer hardware and/or software.

SIMATOK mobile simulator, whether you are a confirmed race driver or a rookie, you can benefit from a personalized training adapted to your own needs and level of expertise. With the assistance of a “Simatok”-certified coach, that unique experience will enable you to profit from every session and to significantly improve your driving skills.

This personal coaching guarantees a quick and efficient learning process on the most realistic simulator on the market so that each and every training session brings you new sensations, great fun and a constant improvement of your driving abilities.

Dimension – (1042mm-1878mm-1300mm)
Weight – 125 kg
2 actuators/4 actuators depending the model

2014-simatok-simulator-g-02 2014-simatok-simulator-driving-ar-g-02 2014-simatok-simulator-dashboard-ar-01






Website | Facebook | ATOK Ltd- Edouard Fatio – Route de Romont 3 CH-1699 Porsel -Switzerland

Vesaro is a British Design and Manufacturing company with its Headquarters in the heart of Kent in England. From here we Design, Engineer and Build some of the worlds most Advanced simulators. Our core product is the world’s only commercial grade modular simulation system, offering versatility that has never been seen before. In addition to the core Vesaro I modular system Vesaro design and build Flight, Helicopter Simulators and Formula body style F1 simulators, making Vesaro a complete solution for your entertainment and training needs.



vesaro-195-flight-detail vesaro-formula-v75-detail vesaro-motion-vr-stage-5-commercial-general






Website | Facebook | H3-H5, Integra, Bircholt Road, Parkwood, Maidstone, Kent, ME159GQ, UK

VirtualGT professional racing simulators offer the most authentic driving experience available today, at any price. VGT stunningly recreates the sound of sitting in the cockpit, the vibration you feel on your feet, hands and torso, the transit effects of gravity, and wrap-around view through the windshield. VGT delivers this experience via a precision engineered, finely crafted and beautifully finished virtual vehicle that fits entirely within a 6.5 ft. (1.96m) square.

Established in 1999 VRX Simulators designs and manufactures high end exotic racing simulators. We offer the ultimate turnkey solutions for private, corporate or professional race car driver training.

1x78 imotiondbox mgxdbox pro-flight






Website | Facebook |8 – 2042 Mills Rd. West – Sidney, BC –  V8L 5X4 Canada



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test Twitter Media - RT @dboxtech: Passage remarqué de la ministre Anglade @PlanetQcSXSW

Passage remarqué de la ministre Anglade @PlanetQcSXSW

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VR station is ON and motion by D-BOX at CinéQuébec

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De la belle visite au Stand @icarxp du @salonautomtl, @Bgodin qui devient le spectateur de l'expérience D-BOX en VR, dont il est le héros !

test Twitter Media - De la belle visite au Stand @icarxp du @salonautomtl,  @Bgodin qui devient le spectateur de l'expérience D-BOX en VR, dont il est le héros !
test Twitter Media - De la belle visite au Stand @icarxp du @salonautomtl,  @Bgodin qui devient le spectateur de l'expérience D-BOX en VR, dont il est le héros !

Starting this Friday @salonautomtl stop by @icarxp booth 5-14 for a D-BOX VR driving experience with Bertrand Godin

test Twitter Media - Starting this Friday @salonautomtl stop by @icarxp booth 5-14 for a D-BOX VR driving experience with Bertrand Godin

Transformers made real |from road to training with a truck transforming into a @SigmaIntegrale simulator #CES2017 #motioncueing by @dboxtech Retweeted by D-BOX Technologies

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Happy Holidays!

Helicopter Sim piloting with @NATO_ACT Brig. Gen. Athanasios Tsouganatos #IITSEC #MotionCueing @dboxtech full story:… Retweeted by D-BOX Technologies

It was our honor last week to present Raydon UGT-I retrofit #IITSEC to Col. Buhl @ArmyResearchLab / Read more :… Retweeted by D-BOX Technologies

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Final briefing of @iitsec with 45 mins left until endex. Thanks to @dboxtech. Keep informed @ShephardNews. Byeeee! Retweeted by D-BOX Technologies

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Asking an #IITSEC veteran when was his first time. 25 years he said. @MST_Magazine #JeffLoube. - come and take your picture. @dboxtech 2457 Retweeted by D-BOX Technologies

A busy Saturday. Our friends from @FlyPFC @Quantum3D #RyanAerospace brought to life this new Helo Simulator #IITSEC on @dboxtech booth 2457 Retweeted by D-BOX Technologies

When #VR is used seriously for #training. Gunner trainer by #Raydon. Ready for prime-time #IITSEC (#motionCueing by @dboxtech booth 2457) Retweeted by D-BOX Technologies

When #DoronPrecisionSystems @vxsim and @dboxtech allow you to drive this #MRAP simulator #IITSEC - See you tomorrow booth #2457 and #2270 Retweeted by D-BOX Technologies

In case you didn't hear from @NTSA_IITSEC yet. #IITSEC 50th anniversary #Selfie #WallofFame is close by booth #2457 @dboxtech see u tomorrow Retweeted by D-BOX Technologies

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Achieve an immersive cinematic experience with the D-Box technology installed in our chairs and be guaranteed to feel every moment... Retweeted by D-BOX Technologies

Because it always starts with reality. Shooting your next @dboxtech experience in #VR with @Bgodin, #unltd and @icarxp | #motioncueing Retweeted by D-BOX Technologies

Great news this morning! @dboxtech signs an agreement with Gold Finance to distribute High end Home product in China

Retrouvez nous sur le stand LDLC parti @Collermaster. Un beau châssis 4 vérins @dboxtech , VR des beaux périphériques @TMThrustmaster Retweeted by D-BOX Technologies

Entertainment used to be passive—now virtual reality is making it active

#tsxignite M. Claude McMaster CEO de @dboxtech est un entrepreneur passionné et passionnant qui enchaîne les anecdotes sur un fond sérieux. Retweeted by D-BOX Technologies

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Press Clips

Audi’s top driver incorporates motion in training to lap the competitors Laurens Vanthoor credits his D-BOX enabled Vesaro simulator with helping him learn the tracks before he gets there Laurens Vanthoor has his dream job. At 23, he’s a professional racecar driver. Racing is his job. And he does his job well. He drives for Audi, competing mostly at the international level. Like most drivers, Vanthoor got his ...

NEW RELEASE : D-BOX Motion Systems – Gen II NEW RELEASE : D-BOX Motion Systems - Gen II

Racing simulator draws customers to an exotic car dealership OB Prestige Auto using Simulators for the fun of it! At OB Prestige Auto in Gatineau, Quebec, staff members are as passionate as their clientele about driving. “We all enjoy driving and racing, and we pass that on to the people who purchase these vehicles,” says Haig Kanadjian, performance specialist for this exotic automobile dealership. All of OB ...

Virtual GT – Keeping up the illusion A unique racing simulator strives for perfection When you’re in the business of creating illusions, you have to be 100% based in the reality of how to do that. So believes Paul Stary, CEO and President of VirtualGT, which produces high-performance racing simulators. My philosophy is if you have an effect that’s not real, it is better not ...


D-BOX is always out there spreading the word

Check this section regularly for upcoming events and trade shows where you can visit our booths, try our demos and have a chat with us…

CES 2016 – 6th – 9th Jan, Las Vegas (NV) Learn more about D-BOX in VR after this link ( Contact us, let us know your impressions as you tried D-BOX Motion Solutions. If you didn’t have a chance to visit CES 2016, e-mail us to find out how to try D-BOX in your region. ) D-BOX Motion Cueing solutions are present in Simulators and in many ...

CES 2017 – 5th – 8th Jan, Las Vegas (NV) Learn more about D-BOX in VR after this link ( Contact us, let us know your impressions as you tried D-BOX Motion Solutions. D-BOX Motion Cueing solutions are present in Simulators and in many entertainement contexts at home or in dedicated entertainement centers. CES is a fantastic opportunity to try it by yourself. As you are visiting CES that ...

DSC 2015 Europe – 16-18 Sept 2015, Tübingen (Germany) D-BOX will be on booth #15 Our simulation and training team will bring a driving simulator highlighting the fast integration and ease of deployment of D-BOX Motion Systems. To discover how D-BOX Technology supports the automotive industry follow this link. Don’t take our words on it, read what our motion systems adopters in the automotive industry are saying about their ...

DSC 2016 Europe VR – Paris, France – 7-9 Sept 2016 More about D-BOX in the Automotive Industry. Driving Simulation & Virtual Reality Conference Held in Paris (France), the 2016 edition of the DSC conference is organized by the Arts et Métiers ParisTech, Renault, IFSTTAR and the Driving Simulation Association, and sponsored by Optis. The goal of this international conference is to propose to academics and practitioners an all-round view of the state of ...

ITEC 2016 – 17-19 May, London (UK) Pursuing its goal to further develop its footprint within the simulation and training community, D-BOX Technologies Inc. is proud to announce its presence at the ITEC trade show. From May 17 to 19, in London (UK), D-BOX will demonstrate its innovative motion-cueing systems integrated for army, air force and navy with prestigious partners, like Bohemia ...

Montreal International Auto Show – 20th – 29th January 2017 – Canada D-BOX Technologies teams up with ICAR for exciting VR display. Access ICAR Reservation Center here to book your simulation time even after Montreal Auto Show. In a unique demonstration of immersive virtual reality, attendees will be given the opportunity to drive shotgun in a racecar piloted by Bertrand Godin, spokesperson of 2017 MIAS. Created in collaboration ...