Sim Racing


Kevin Leaune holding a microphone at an event

Kevin Leaune

Sim Racer

Country : France
Main disciplines : Sim racing
Career highlight : 5x Project Cars world champion
D-BOX Equipment : 2x G3 haptic system of 4x 1.5 inch actuators

Having started his passion for everything racing from the young age of 5, Leaune created SDL eSports with his father in 2006—an esports organization dedicated solely to racing simulation. In 2015, he won the Project Cars world championship, the first of 5 titles he has won thus far as a driver!

Now the manager of SDL eSports, he has led the team to a total of 14 various world titles with the help of the talented drivers who represent his organization. In 2018, he even participated in the "Race of Champions" in Riyadh!

With a D-BOX G3 haptic system now in his hands, he and his team are ready to take over yet another aspect of sim racing and to produce awesome content all while making the most of the haptic system as the ultimate training tool!

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