Since July 10th,the city of Vienna can enjoy an exciting immersive cinematic experience with the introduction of an all new D-BOX theater.


Located in Vienna, Austria, Lugner cinema is proud to announce that an entire auditorium will be equipped with D-BOX seats giving customers an incredible opportunity to experience today’s blockbusters in a whole new way. Moviegoers will finally be able to enjoy the immersive experience of D-BOX where the seats move in sync with the action on screen.

“We look forward to expanding the D-BOX fan base by introducing our customers to this one-of-a-kind experience,” says Jacqueline Lugner. “ The Lugner cinema will offer 52 classic D-BOX seats (with head and footrests) and 8 super comfortable D-BOX recliners. It will be the first location in the DACH region to have an entire D-BOX auditorium. We’re confident it will be a big draw for people who are looking for an exceptional entertainment experience.”

“We look forward to expanding the D-BOX fan base by introducing our customers to this one-of-a-kind experience”

Jacqueline Lugner

ECCO Cine Supply and Service GmbH from Hilden, Germany was in charge of the installation. Thomas Rüttgers, managing director for the company, is proud to have played a role in the Lugner upgrade and the continued success of D-BOX. “With our commitment in Austria, we have successfully extended our exclusive partnership with D-BOX until 2024. We are more convinced than ever that the immersive motion technology D-BOX offers exactly what the industry needs now and are working hard to show more exhibitors the effect this amazing technology will have on their ticket sales.”

About Ecco Cine Supply and Services 

ECCO Cine Supply and Service is a leading cinema integrator in Germany and offers a wide range of services in the field of cinema technology. As a one-stop shop, ECCO’s offerings comprise immersive motion technology and projection up to 3D, sound systems and seating.