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12 Gift Ideas for Movie Lovers

December 7, 2022

With the holidays fast approaching, it’s officially the time to start thinking about what you’ll gift your loved ones. Though it’s easy to just tick items off a wish list, sometimes it’s more fun to surprise them with something that’s not on their list but that you know they’ll really enjoy!


If you have an avid movie lover in your life, then there are countless ways to surprise them with film-related gifts they’ll love.


Need ideas? We’ve got you covered! Here are 12 gift ideas that are sure to please any movie lover.


1. Popcorn machine

No movie lover can be without a way to make the most popular movie snack, making a popcorn machine an excellent gift!

While microwaved, bagged popcorn can do the job in a pinch, sometimes you simply crave something a little fancier. There are many different options on the market today that exist if you want to gift someone a popcorn machine, so there’s a style for every movie lover!

If your recipient lives in an apartment or doesn’t have a lot of space, then a collapsible, microwavable popcorn maker could be an option that allows them to decide the flavouring without taking up too much space. If they have a bit of extra room, then a stovetop popcorn machine might be the perfect alternative!

If your movie lover doubles as a true popcorn lover, then they’d likely adore to receive a cinema-style popcorn maker that they can proudly display in their kitchen.

If you decide to go this route, then be sure to include a starter kit with kernels, popcorn salt and your oil of choice!

2. Snack care package

No matter what your movie lover likes to snack on during a movie, gifting them a customized basket of their favourite goodies is sure to bring a smile to their face.

A snack care package is a DIY-style gift that can be easily personalized to the recipient, often with supplies found purely at your local dollar store. All you need is a basket, some tissue paper and the snacks!

If you want to take the basket up a notch, then pay a visit to a party store—they often carry decorations for Oscar Parties year-round, which evidently contain a lot of movie references. This is a great way to really fancy up the basket!

Once the basket is all set up, simply fill it with their favourite goodies—this can be unpopped popcorn bags, chocolate, candy or chips.

If your recipient is really big on popcorn, then you can include a different variety of shaker seasonings, or maybe even a unique bag of pre-popped popcorn such as French Cancan, Skinny Pop or Boom Chicka Pop!

A basket filled with movie night snacks

3. Cocktails of the Movies book 

Featuring nearly 80 of the world’s most famous on-screen cocktails, this Cocktails of the Movies book by Will Francis and Stacey Marsh is a must-have for any movie lover! 

Whether they prefer to cozy up by themselves or host grand movie-watching parties, this book will serve up all the recipes they need to accompany classic titles such as Murder on the Orient Express, The Blues Brothers and more. Not only is each page filled with a new recipe, but each drink in the book is accompanied by a brief history of the drink as well as by a synopsis of its scene in the movie! 

No matter the genre and no matter the age (well, at least of the legal drinking age), Cocktails of the Movies is the perfect addition to any movie lovers’ collection. 

4. Camera lens coffee mug

When they’re not sipping movie cocktails, the movie lovers in your life can sip their favourite warm beverages in this unique camera lens coffee mug!  

Completely leak-proof and equipped with double layered insulation, this mug will keep their drinks warm and their hands cool. 

5. Cinephile party game

Describing themselves as the “ultimate game for film nerds, movie geeks and cinephiles”, the Cinephile card game is perfect for those who want to expand their industry knowledge!

With more than 150 cards in the basic game kit and with 3 ways to play for each difficulty, there’s no limiting the fun that can be had on your next game night! Plus, the games are sorted into different levels of difficulty: easy, intermediate, and expert, so everyone in the family can get it on the fun.

One way to play is to name more films by the actor on the card than your opponent. Another is to play like Heads Up, with one person holding a card to their forehead and receiving clues to help them guess it. Or, alternatively, one person can draw a card and read the movie on the card—with the next player being forced to name an actor from that movie or face elimination!

If someone in your life likes movies or works in the industry, Cinephile is the perfect gift.

6. Movie Posters

Have you ever spotted a movie poster at a cinema that you thought was incredibly artistic, unique, and that made you wish you had a copy for your living room?

It’s guaranteed that this has happened multiple times to movie lovers, so you can bring them some joy by actually acquiring one!

Whether it be the poster from their favourite movie, that has their favourite actor or actress or just one that caught their eye, these posters are a wonderful addition to a movie lover’s home décor.

There are a few ways you can go about getting an authentic movie poster: you can look on sites such as e-bay for more vintage posters, browse Facebook Marketplace for the specific one you want, or you can contact your local movie theater directly if the movie was recently in theaters. Theaters are continuously changing out their poster frames with upcoming titles, so they may be happy to sell or to give away any previously displayed posters when they’re no longer needed!

If you want to make this gift extra special, then be sure to frame it before putting it under the tree!

A cinema lobby with movie posters

7. Top 100 scratch off poster

Perfect for the classic movie lover, you can give the gift of the ultimate movie “bucket list” with this top 100 all-time movies scratch-off poster!

As they watch each movie on the poster, they’ll scratch off the title to reveal a fun illustration depicting something in the film.

Not only does this poster look good, but it’s also a great conversation starter among friends! Their guests are sure to comment on the movies they’ve seen, which ones they want to see and more.

Once the entire poster has been watched and scratched off, the recipient can frame the gift and proudly display their accomplishment!

8. Masterclass subscription

If your movie lover is enthusiastic about every part of the movie-making process, then a Masterclass subscription could be well worth their while!

For those who may not know, Masterclass is a platform that allows subscribers to take classes from world-renowned experts on countless different subjects, film included.

With a Masterclass subscription, the recipient can learn about directing from Ron Howard, Independent filmmaking from Spike Lee, voice acting from Nancy Cartwright, filmmaking from James Cameron and more. This will allow your loved one to delve deeper into the world of filmmaking and all that goes into it in a unique an interactive manner!

As a bonus, a Masterclass membership comes with every single Masterclass there is—meaning that there’s even more to learn about other than just the world of film.

9. Book of Movies: The essential 1000 films to see

Published by the New York Times, the Book of Movies is basically a bucket list put on paper for movie lovers! 

Featuring New York Times reviews of arguably the best and most influential movies, lists of the best movies by genre and year as well as how to watch them in the age of digital streaming, this book is a one-stop shop for all movie essentials. 

10. Local cinema gift cards with the premium D-BOX experience

You can gift your movie lover the ultimate theatrical experience with a local cinema gift card that will cover a D-BOX premium experience as well as their snacks of choice!

The D-BOX experience will further immerse them in the content of the movie with high-fidelity haptic feedbacking stimulating their mind as well as their entire body in a way that is perfectly synchronized with the action-on screen. You can find D-BOX theaters in more than 40 countries thanks to partners such as Cinemark, Cineplex, CMX Cinemas, Maya Cinemas, Cinesa, Hoyts and many more!

You can even go a step further with this gift and purchase the tickets directly if the movie will be playing during the holidays. Or, if there’s a movie you know they want to see hitting the big screen soon, then print a fake ticket as placeholder and wrap that instead! Be sure to check out all the great D-BOX films coming soon!

You can find a D-BOX theater near you using this interactive map.

11. Movie dice

Whether you’re a movie lover yourself or not, chances are you’ve also had this age-old dilemma: you open a streaming service with the goal of watching a movie, but instead end up spending more than an hour trying to decide what you want to watch. Movie plans = ruined!

You can help a movie lover in your entourage solve this problem by gifting them a set of movie dice. The premise of these die are simple: you give them a roll and they’ll tell you what genre to watch, what type of content to watch (movie, TV series, etc) and which “number” to watch: meaning if you roll “comedy, movie, 4”, then you watch the 4th movie listed under comedy!

These dice will allow users to discover content that they likely would not have consumed otherwise and make for an extra fun movie night.

12. Portable projector

If your movie lover is looking to up their home theater game (link to home theater blog), then you can give them the gift of a giant screen in a pocket-sized projector!

Projectors such as the Kodak Ultra Mini Portable Projector can project cinema-sized screens on any wall or screen, or even on your ceiling for in-bed watching.

A projector like this allows the recipient to enjoy the content they want, anywhere they want, with or without a big TV screen. With a tiny but powerful projector, movie night can also easily be moved outside!

A couple watching a movie outdoors with a portable projector



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