About D-BOX

What Does D-BOX Do?

D-BOX creates and redefines realistic, immersive entertainment experiences by moving the body and sparking the imagination through the combined effects of motion, vibrations and textures. D-BOX has collaborated with some of the world’s best companies to deliver new ways to enhance great stories!

Whether it be for movies, video games, music, relaxation, virtual reality applications, themed entertainment or professional simulation, D-BOX creates a feeling of presence that makes life resonate like never before.

What Are D-BOX's Main Activity Sectors?

D-BOX Technologies Inc. designs, manufactures and markets cutting-edge haptic systems intended mainly for home entertainment such as sim racing and gaming, to make these experiences more realistic and more immersive for consumers!

D-BOX also manufactures haptic systems for commercial entertainment markets such as movie theaters, attractions and theme parks, as well as provides haptic feedback for simulators in the industrial market (professional simulation and training).

Where Can I Find Recent D-BOX News Releases?

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On What Stock Exchanges Are D-BOX Shares Traded and What is the Ticker Symbol?

D-BOX is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “DBO” 

Investors can acquire shares through D-BOX’s OTC listing under the ticker symbol “DBOXF”

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Where can I see D-BOX’s share price?

D-BOX’s share price can be observed here.

Does D-BOX Pay Dividends?

No, D-BOX has never declared or paid any dividends and does not anticipate paying any cash dividends in the foreseeable future.

D-BOX currently intends to retain future earnings, if any, to finance operations, expand business and to further make life resonate.


When is the Next General Meeting?

The next annual meeting will be held on September 14th at 11:00 am.


When Does D-BOX’s Fiscal Year End?

D-BOX’s fiscal year ends on March 31.

How Do I Get a Copy of the Annual Report or Any Other Investor Documents?

Quarterly and Annual Reports along with other investor documents can be found on the Financial Reports page. 

Additionally, all filings can be accessed directly from SEDAR!

When can I expect D-BOX’s upcoming financial results to be made public?

Q1 FY2024: August 10, 2023

Q2 FY2024: November 9, 2023

Q3 FY 2024: February 13, 2024

Q4 FY2024: May 30, 2024


How Can I Make Changes to My Address or Documentation I Receive?

It all depends on if you hold a Certificate or if you hold shares through an investment broker.

If you are holding a Certificate, you may communicate directly with our transfer agent at the following address:

Computershare inc.

1500 University – suite 700

Montreal (Quebec) Canada H3A 3S8

Phone: 514-982-7555

Toll free (Canada): 1-800-564-6253

Fax: 514 982-7635

To accelerate the process, please mention the CUSIP number for D-BOX Technologies Inc.: 23305P108

If you hold stock through an investment broker, you must contact them directly.

How do I Contact Investor Relations with a Question or Request?

You can contact D-BOX Investor Relations for all investing-related questions.

Please fill out the Contact Us form

1-450-442-3003 or 1-888-442-3269

D-BOX Investor Relations
2172 Rue de la Province
Longueuil, Québec, Canada
J4G 1R7


Where is D-BOX’s Corporate Headquarters?

D-BOX’s corporate headquarters is located at 2172 Rue de la Province, Longueuil, Québec (Canada), J4G 1R7

Who Are the Members of D-BOX’S Board of Directors?
Who Are the Members of the D-BOX Management Team?
Who Are the Company’s Auditors?

D-BOX’s independent auditor firm is Ernst & Young LLC.