Movies available in D-BOX
The house with a clock in it's walls
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Small Foot
Coming soon | September 28
Hell Fest
Coming soon | September 28
The Predator
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Coming soon | October 5
The Nun
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First Man
Coming soon | October 12
Goosebumps 2 : Haunted Halloween
Coming soon | October 12
Creating immersion through motion

D-BOX motion system

We design and manufacture cutting-edge motion systems intended for the entertainment and industrial markets. To create an exceptionally engaging experience, we carefully craft the most realistic, subtle and precise motion vibrations and patterns.

Easy to deploy, they boast a wide array of applications, ranging from movies to VR experiences to aerospace training simulators.

D-BOX Racing
Immersive motion special event

Welcome in the Dynamic Cinema provided by Com’in Sports and motion by D-BOX during the World Endurance Championship of the TOTAL 6Hours of Spa-Francorchamps race in Belgium. This special theatre features 18 motion seats where you can enjoy incredible heart-pumping racing footage.

Virtual Reality
D-BOX and ROBORACE at the Festival of Speed

Take control of an autonomous car during the Goodwood Festival of Speed in UK, while D-BOX and Roborace teamed up to provide an exceptional VR experience where you can feel what it's like to drive a robotic car flying up the hill.

D-BOX racing
Make your heart race at top speed

Take the wheel of an F1 car and feel every turn, twist and straightaway as if you were there! Our motion systems let you feel all the thrills, excitement and adrenaline of a real-life racing event by putting your body in the driver’s seat.

NFL Experience Times Square
A high-impact event in Times Square

Created by Cirque du Soleil, NFL Experience Times Square is the next level of entertainment for new and life-long football fans alike. Featuring a D-BOX theatre with 180 motion seats presenting “Gameday,” an immersive film experience with exclusive content from NFL Films.

Virtual Reality
VR without Motion isn’t VR

Tapping into the storytelling power of the body, D-BOX maximizes your VR experience by adding motion to the mix. We meticulously synchronize the action in the headseat with the motion in the seat, producing hyper-realistic sensory experiences.

Professional training on a whole new level

D-BOX technology can be used for more than just mind-blowing entertainment experiences, it’s also great for improving skills and reflexes. That’s why our motion design technology is used for professional training in industries such as aerospace, construction and law enforcement.

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