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With our unique motion experience being offered in more than 900 auditorium screens in over 40 countries, we provide our partners with a profitable, proven way to give their audiences the best movie theater experience


When you choose to enhance your theatres with D-BOX, you’re partnering with the pioneer and world leader in immersive cinematic motion

A Memorable Cinema Experience

Give your audiences a premium theatrical experience that will keep them coming back for more

Motion perfectly synchronized with action on-screen

Motion perfectly synchronized with action on-screen
Ultra comfortable & easily integrated cinema seats

Ultra comfortable & easily integrated cinema seats
Personalized experience for each user

Personalized experience for each user

Try a movie experience like no other

The D-BOX theatrical experience brings movies to life through over 65,000 haptic movements, vibrations and textures perfectly synchronized to the action on-screen.

Do you want to go beyond sight and sound and be immersed like never before?

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Whether it be our classic seat or our luxury recliner, our haptic cinema seats offer total comfort that delivers the precise motion, vibrations and textures that D-BOX is known for

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d-box flexible movie theater configuration


Regardless of the auditorium size, D-BOX can deliver a premium theatrical experience for audiences with its affordable and easily adaptable seating configurations

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With more than 70 movies coded for theatrical presentation each year, D-BOX amazes moviegoers around the globe by adding a new layer of immersion to the season’s biggest titles

"D-BOX further enhances the entertainment level and transports guests into the on-screen action like never before, which is an escape from reality our guests have been craving."

"Based on our positive experience with D-BOX in Peru, Chile and Colombia, it was a natural and easy decision to start deploying systems in Brazil, Cinemark’s largest market in Latin America."

"When it comes to providing the best entertainment experience for our guests, we strive to set the highest standard each time. This new agreement to install D-BOX high fidelity motion seats in every auditorium will change the way people watch movies in the most comfortable D-BOX motion recliner seats. Needless to say, we’re very eager to introduce moviegoers to an incredibly immersive way to experience movies that already has legions of fans all over the globe."

"D-BOX motion seats have been overwhelmingly popular with our guests. We look forward to bringing the D-BOX experience to additional locations across the country—and giving even more movie fans the opportunity to enjoy one of the most immersive experiences in cinema today."

"Movies are about emotion and when your chair starts rocking and rolling and jumping around… in synchronization to what’s going on the screen. You’re inside the movie. And that’s an incredible experience."

"Trondheim Kino has a long tradition of investing in the latest technology and offering new and improved services. We look forward to offering our customers in Central Norway the opportunity to experience D-BOX and firmly believe that this new addition to our theatres will give us a competitive edge that will take us one step further in our quest to become the source for premium entertainment."

Endorsed By Celebrities

The D-BOX experience is endorsed not only by moviegoers, but also by the movie stars themselves

Antoine Fuqua, Denzel Washington and Dakota Fanning

Keegan-Michael Key

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