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GDC recap: D-BOX takes on the 2023 Game Developers Conference

April 5, 2023

From March 20th to 24th 2023, D-BOX attended the 35th edition of the annual Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, California!


Bringing together everyone involved in the creation of video games from programmers, producers, game designers, integrators, audio professionals and more, the GDC acts as a way to reunite the industry as a whole to exchange ideas and to get ready for the future of gaming.


In this year’s edition, virtual reality remained extremely present. There were also activations from world-renowned companies such as Pico, Meta and Unreal.


Amongst good company, we were proud to attend the GDC with our partner Cooler Master in the booth P1679, games from Québec, to display our all-new Motion 1 haptic gaming chair. Together, we showed the industry that the haptic gaming revolution is well underway!


Keep reading to discover more about our time at the 2023 GDC and to learn about what the future has in store for D-BOX in the gaming industry!

D-BOX highlights from the 2023 GDC

Of all the people who visited our booth with Cooler Master, more than 80 per cent of them reported already being familiar with our haptic technology thanks to our presence in movie theaters in more than 40 countries around the world—which helped to make our activation the most visited one of all those who came to GDC from Québec!

In visiting our booth, attendees were able to try out Motion 1 and get behind the wheel of a virtual race car in Forza Horizons or strap into the cockpit with Tom Cruise by watching clips of Top Gun: Maverick. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive—everyone who gave Motion 1 a try left our booth with smiles on their faces, and many complimented the design of the chair.

There was a clear interest from consumers for haptic products such as Motion 1, and some visitors were even excited about the potential for our gaming chair to benefit the disabled community!

The technology behind Motion 1

To bring the magic of movement to video games, D-BOX worked hard to take their world-renowned cinema technology and to put it in a haptic engine capable of delivering more than 65,000 unique effects made up of movements, vibrations and textures to the user.

This haptic feedback is guaranteed to be ultra realistic thanks to us working with some of the world’s biggest gaming studios to integrate our haptic feedback directly in games, allowing us to access and use telemetry data to create realistic and immersive movements synchronized in real time to the game’s environment!

For games that aren’t hand-coded by D-BOX’s haptic designers, there’s Adaptive Gaming mode. Adaptive Gaming mode allows users to create custom haptic profiles and provides haptic feedback based on their inputs on their controllers, mouse or keyboard, meaning that gamers can experience haptics in Motion 1 for any PC game that exists!


What’s next for D-BOX in the gaming industry

With the success of our activation at GDC, it’s clear that there is a market for products similar to Motion 1—which will be available for pre-order at the end of May at Computex.

Nearly all of the attendees we surveyed understood the value of integrating haptic technology into their gaming products and many were excited about the potential of a full body sensory experience if haptics were to be bundled with virtual reality, so there’s plenty of ways we can work going forward to fully bring the gaming experience to life!

The future of haptic gaming is bright

Not only did we have the opportunity to show what haptics can bring to the industry during the GDC, but we also had the opportunity to interact with so many brilliant students, game developers, storytellers and artists. The future of gaming is incredibly bright!

Since the most effective way to integrate haptics into a game is to begin developing the immersive features in the first or second year of game development, now is the time to reach out to D-BOX’s team of haptic designers to see how they can help you bring the gaming experience to the next level.


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