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3 Reasons to Integrate D-BOX Haptics in your Training Program

March 10, 2021

The D-BOX haptic technology has been expertly designed for long-term reliability and durability and is at a fraction of the price of many commercially available haptic systems. All new D-BOX haptic system integrations are fully supported for seamless integration and ensuring full compatibility with training software. With a proven track record of improving both training transfer and user experience in any simulator, the D-BOX haptic technology can operate in all conditions and environments.

Find out how D-BOX haptic technology helped Precision Flight Control build a new niche in the Flight Simulation Industry.

A pioneer in the Flight Simulation industry, Precision Flight Control (PFC) integrated with D-BOX about 15 years ago. The objective was to hit the market with a affordable, low footprint, highly reliable flight simulation solution. Since then, PFC has been able to keep their leadership position in designing flight training devices.

Leveraging the D-BOX haptic technology within the flight training simulations, has quickly proven to add value and now almost every cockpit simulator built by PFC is equipped with D-BOX haptics.

“We know what our customers want and what it takes to train pilots, and D-BOX has become an integral simulation component significantly enhancing our flight simulation product line.”  

Mike Altman, CEO of Precision Flight Controls 

Reasonable distractions like turbulence, engine vibration, and parasitic drag are important elements for flight training. D-BOX haptics create a fully immersive experience as close as can be to flying the engine in the real life. 

D-BOX systems let pilots feel cues associated with engine failure or heavy winds through simulated changes in pitch and yaw. This forces the trainee to live the pressure associated with rapidly evolving situations and perform instrument scans to better understand the situation – an instinct that will be crucial when they leave the simulator for a real cockpit.  

Every pilot who’s trained with the motion loves it. Experiencing it firsthand really changes their view of it!” 

Mike Altman, CEO of Precision Flight Controls 

The D-BOX haptic system is a proven solution for developing kinesthetic reflexes and muscle memory, and therefore allowing training sessions to become more responsive and realistic. This ultimately helps instructors, operators and trainees quickly reach their objectives.

If you are interested in integrating the D-BOX haptic technology within your simulation and training program, speak with an expert to learn more!

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