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3 Reasons to Invest in a D-BOX Enabled Sim Racing Rig

November 17, 2021

When you’re ready to bring your sim racing skills to the next level, you may be considering integrating haptic technology into your rig. The high-fidelity haptic feedback you’ll receive will help create a certain degree of symbiosis between man and machine, will allow you to realistically feel any imperfections on the track, and will help you shave seconds off your fastest lap!


However, it’s important to do your research before choosing the haptic system you want to incorporate. Not all haptic technology is made equal: some haptic sim racing rigs will jerk you around more than others, some won’t feel as realistic as you’d like, and others will leave you feeling disappointed with your overall haptic experience.


D-BOX’s haptic technology makes for one of the most high-quality haptic experiences – it’s incredibly subtle & realistic, fully customizable and is by far the most durable system on the market. Though it’s the more expensive option, here are three reasons why you should consider integrating D-BOX haptic feedback in your rig!

1. It’s the most realistic haptic system on the market

Rather than relying solely on g-force and travel speed to communicate to the driver, D-BOX’s haptic system uses subtle cues to enhance realism. Think of what you feel when you’re behind the wheel of a real car – unless you turn very sharply, you won’t feel any jerky or sudden movements. Driving a car should be a smooth process, and D-BOX’s haptic system operates on this same principle! Rather than focusing on intense sensations, the feedback D-BOX provides is near-identical to the subtleties you would feel in a real race car.

To do this, the haptic feedback provided by D-BOX’s system relies on granular feedback in both high and low frequencies to communicate things such as traction loss and irregularities in the road to the driver. These sensations can’t be felt with only one frequency at a time, so by using a haptic system that relies solely on travel speed and g-force, the driver will be losing out on this crucial feedback. Since many haptic systems are only able to communicate with one frequency, these sensations (that are commonly agreed upon by actual racing drivers to be the most important for understanding the behaviour of the car), will go undetected—hindering your ability to become a better driver.

Another aspect that makes D-BOX the most realistic option available is the motion code implementation. Thanks to over 20 years of research, development and strong relationships with studios, the motion code is integrated directly into some of the most popular sim racing games – giving D-BOX the ability to access game telemetry in real time and deliver haptic feedback as realistically and as rapidly as possible. This means that D-BOX is in constant communication with the developers of your favourite games such as F1, iRacing, Asseto Corsa and more, ensuring that the motion code is always up to date and 100% realistic.

All of these details come together to provide an incredibly unique racing experience that is so realistic, it is the only one to be licensed by the FIA!

This means that FIA engineers have spent hours upon hours testing D-BOX’s haptic system and have concluded that it has all the components necessary to be used as a training tool for professional drivers. This is because D-BOX has taken all the information learned from their six business sectors over the years to continue to push the boundaries of haptic technology, making it as realistic as can be!

2. It’s a fully customizable haptic system

Your sim racing experience should provide you with more customizability options and settings that you’re presented with when you purchase a real car. The settings you choose will allow you to feel as comfortable and as natural as possible behind the wheel, ultimately making you a better driver!

That being said, many haptic systems are limited in the amount of customization settings they provide drivers. In this case, you would have to learn how to adjust to those specific parameters and adjust your driving accordingly. However, with a D-BOX haptic system, the potential to customize (and change your customizations) is limitless!

To support the need to personalize their haptic system, D-BOX created the Game Center: an exclusive hub in which drivers are given the possibility to customize everything from braking, acceleration and kerb feeling to pitch, roll, engine vibrations, tire vibrations and more using a simple slider. All you have to do is move a slider and keep tweaking it until the settings feel just right!

No matter how you adjust your settings, the Game Center will always take your desires into account to ensure that your driving experience remains as realistic as possible. It’s also possible to create multiple user profiles in the Game Center so that everyone in the house can save their own preferred settings, and save multiple car profiles so that you can have custom settings for every car you drive!

A screenshot of D-BOX's Game Center

3. It’s the simplest & most durable haptic system on the market

One of the things that makes D-BOX stand out from the rest is their plug and play approach. Extremely simple to care for, D-BOX’s haptic system requires little to no maintenance, no matter how long you have your rig!

D-BOX’s expertise in the field of attractions and theme parks helped contribute to this durability – their actuators are required to operate for hundreds of hours at a time without stopping in this industry, and this industrial standard was carried on to their haptic sim racing systems. Because of this, whether you race on more relaxed circuits or spend hours upon hours in harsh rally environments, your D-BOX haptic sim racing rig will truly stand the test of time! However, if ever you do need technical support – D-BOX specialists are available seven days per week to help get you back on the track as quickly as possible.

You also don’t have to worry about any oil hitting the floor and staining your home: D-BOX haptic systems are electromechanical, meaning you can place them on a white carpet worry-free.

Finally, if you already have a sim racing rig set up and you’ve decided after some time that you want to incorporate haptic feedback, D-BOX has you covered – their haptic actuators can be added to almost any existing rig, so there’s no need to start from scratch and build a new system if you decide to be moved by haptics later in your sim racing career.

Step up your game with a haptic sim racing rig

No matter the reason you’ve decided to incorporate haptics into your rig – whether you want to become a professional driver and are using your rig as a training tool or want to increase your immersion and amusement – D-BOX’s high-fidelity haptic system will undoubtedly make you a better driver.

Its FIA-licensed realism, subtle cues, customizability, simplicity and durability make it the only option on the market for those who want a realistic, plug and play solution that they can customize to their specific tastes and likings – making it the perfect haptic solution for sim racers of all levels.


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