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Driving innovation: a heavy vehicle training partnership with ETECH in Latin America

December 11, 2023

In the fast-paced world of simulation and training, D-BOX works to optimize how truck drivers train for the job. By using high-fidelity haptic technology that provides extremely precise movements, vibrations and textures that are perfectly synchronized with training programs, drivers are able to train for different scenarios while reducing cost, wear and tear on the vehicle and liability! 


For the first time in our 25-year history, we’re getting ready to roll out a new project in the Latin America market with our new partner, ETECH Simulation. ETECH specializes in cutting-edge simulation solutions that fit all kinds of projects and that, all around the world. With simulators for more than 12 business sectors, they’re one of the world-leading simulation and training providers! 


Keep reading to learn more about our first major rollout in this region and about how haptics enhance professional training! 

The need for reliable and realistic training across the world

By the end of the year, one of our widest distribution of simulators will be well underway in Latin America, a region ready to modernize their driver training! 

While all of our professional training clients are looking to enhance the training experience, D-BOX was chosen for this project for one specific reason: they needed a system that could consistently and reliably deliver a realistic simulation. They needed a system that could change how truck drivers are trained entirely—one that would introduce new levels of realism and trainee engagement!! 

“We’re thrilled to be able to add D-BOX to our offerings in Latin America,” said Jairo Leiva, CEO of ETECH. “This technology is proven to increase the efficiency of driver training and helps make the roads safer for all.” 

The benefits of haptics for training 

There are multiple benefits of using haptic technology for simulation and training that go beyond simply increasing trainee engagement.  

For one, D-BOX’s haptic feedback is scientifically proven to reduce motion sickness for trainees while keeping them 100% immersed in their simulated environment. This is because the subtle movements, vibrations and textures used are so realistic that the brain does not recognize the body/mind disconnect that typically leads to motion sickness! Because of this, users can spend plenty of time training on the simulator in a cost-efficient manner. 

Secondly, D-BOX is also proven to increase the efficiency of training transfer. With realistic haptic feedback that stimulates the muscles of their entire body, drivers will develop accurate psychomotor reflexes and muscle memory. They’ll be able to feel acceleration, deceleration, g-forces and more! As a matter of fact, a study done by Tech3Lab and Ohio State University* compared the training experience for those using haptic technology in a simulator to those who trained on a static simulator and found that those who had trained with haptic technology were 44.7% calmer in emergency scenarios and showed nearly 60% more signs of comfort (ex: lower heart rate) than those without it. 


Obviously, using haptic technology to train the workforce of tomorrow reduces the strain on expensive machinery and contributes to the well-being of the environment thanks to its lack of gas consumption as well as due to its reliability and exceptional quality, which ensures that the simulator will last a very long time. 

Through precise motion feedback, we’re able to create an immersive experience that mirrors real-world scenarios. This reliability is crucial in a training setting, ensuring that each simulation is as authentic as the next. 

New geographic regions, new possibilities

Beyond the technicalities, this partnership signifies a monumental step forward in the way Latin American truck drivers are trained. By embracing D-BOX's innovative and modern approach, the goal is to establish a new standard in training methodologies, one that prioritizes safety, efficiency, and environmental consciousness! 

“As we eagerly anticipate the first installations at the end of 2023, we're confident that this collaboration will not only shape the future of simulation and training but also contribute to the evolution of the trucking industry in Latin America,” said Nicolas Fournier, D-BOX's director of commercial sales. “This partnership with ETECH is just the beginning for us both.” 

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