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BMW Motion PLATFORM: The Future of Sim Racing with D-BOX & BMW

November 22, 2021

This past weekend, D-BOX & BMW announced a historic partnership in Munich during the BMW SIM Live event! For this partnership, the major luxury German car company (also involved in motorsports) combined forces with D-BOX’s world-renowned high-fidelity haptic technology and RaceX by Sim-Lab to create the all-new BMW Motion Platform. This simulator was designed to make the unparalleled BMW motorsport experience more accessible to sim racers and drivers around the world!


This partnership, the first of its kind, changes the way fans will be able to experience the BMW racing experience by bringing it to the comfort of their own homes in a more affordable and convenient fashion.


In case you missed it live, here’s a recap of the weekends’ big unveiling!

Revolutionized accessibility with D-BOX and BMW

Given that the primary goal of the BMW Motion Platform was to make the BMW racing experience more accessible, the partnership between D-BOX and BMW was only natural.

By paring BMW’s industry-leading, real-world racing expertise with D-BOX’s stunning haptic feedback (which is the only haptic feedback to carry an FIA stamp of approval) and with RaceX by Sim-Lab’s chassis, D-BOX and BMW were able to create a racing experience that is extremely realistic and true-to-life. After all, D-BOX’s haptic feedback was already the most realistic on the market—and then it was put in the hands of actual race engineers. It doesn’t get any more realistic than that!

This new compact racing solution is created with the help of motorsport professionals to exactly replicate what it’s truly like to be behind the wheel of a high-powered vehicle —rivalling what only multimillion dollar setups owned by large racing teams were capable of doing before, but for a fraction of the price and required space.

Both the D-BOX and BMW teams are extremely proud to have worked together on this historic simulator that bridges the gap between reality and simulation and that will change accessibility for drivers everywhere!

About the BMW Motion Platform

Through D-BOX’s unique combination of movement, vibrations and textures that are communicated through granular feedback in both high and low frequencies, the high-fidelity haptic feedback in the BMW Motion Platform stimulates the entire body and gives drivers physical cues that they could not notice through sight and sound alone, such as the feeling of irregularities in the track or tire slip. This feedback, tuned by BMW’s engineers, allows for improved lap times and for more confidence behind the wheel!

BMW’s expectations were surpassed by D-BOX when the two came together to collaborate on an experience worthy of the prestigious BMW badge. After all, the motivation behind the simulator is the same for the two companies: they wanted to provide an accessible simulation experience that is mistakably close to the real thing.

The BMW Motion Platform

A sim racing partnership 20 years in the making

Though D-BOX has been creating high-fidelity haptic feedback for more than 20 years, the partnership with BMW is one that’s very exciting for everyone at D-BOX.

“D-BOX prides itself in creating the world’s only high-fidelity haptic feedback experience worthy of the FIA’s official stamp of approval,” explained Sébastien Mailhot, President and CEO of D-BOX. “Combined with BMW’s unparalleled attention to detail and knowledge, we have been able to tinker with the feedback even more precisely, allowing us to craft the most accurate sim racing experience.

For Yannick Gemme, Vice President of Sales, this partnership has truly been an honor to develop.

Being able to collaborate with such a prestigious brand as BMW, that shares our values of performance and excellence, has been an honor for D-BOX. The amazing insights provided by the BMW team paired with the unparalleled expertise of our haptic integrators enabled us to develop an end-product that is truly worthy of the BMW badge and the FIA’s stamp of approval.

Thanks to the hard work done by BMW, RaceX by Sim-Lab and the D-BOX engineering team, the BMW Motion Platform [has] a compact, elegant design that keeps performance and realism a priority thanks to high-fidelity haptic feedback that rivals the best simulators in the world,” he added.


High-end haptic technology for sim racers everywhere

What D-BOX & BMW unveiled over the weekend is more than just a simulator—it’s a simulator that’s not only paving the way for the future of sim racing in which drivers everywhere have access to powerful simulators, but it’s also a product that can help find the next generational talent of real-world racing as well.

By combining BMW’s expertise, D-BOX’s innovative & FIA licensed haptic technology and a RaceX by Sim-Lab chassis, an affordable, compact and realistic simulator endorsed by one of the most prestigious badges in the automotive industry was born—giving people the ability to feel what it’s like to drive a high-powered vehicle right from the comfort of their own home.

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