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Introducing HF-L4: A D-BOX & RSEAT Universal Haptic Platform

December 1, 2022

While the haptic sim racing industry is growing rapidly and steadily, there is still time and space for new innovations and ideas to make their way to the market. These new innovations have the potential to address any pain points a buyer may have about existing haptic products, such as the size, limitations and lack of subtlety!


In a one-of-a-kind, innovative collaboration, D-BOX has partnered with RSEAT to help address these market gaps and to come up with the ultimate solution to the common issues sim racers face when it comes time to integrate haptics!


After months of hard work, experimentation and innovation, we’re proud to formally introduce you to the HF-L4—the haptic platform that will revolutionize the entire entertainment industry.


This haptic platform is also available as HF-L2, a version with 2 actuators instead of 4!

About HF-L4

The HF-L4 is perfect for those who may not be ready to purchase a setup with haptic actuators built in and for those who want to experience haptic feedback while in their already existing, haptic-feedback-free setup!

The platform has a multitude of uses and is extremely versatile—it has the capability and potential to transform the way users experience not only games and racing simulations, but also television shows, movies, and even how they’ll experience music! Users will get to experience all of this with same great haptic experience that D-BOX is known for, but all wrapped up in a more subtle, streamlined and low-profile package.

To create this sleek package, D-BOX & RSEAT engineers knew that their biggest battle was to make the haptic actuators, which are normally the bulkiest part of a rig that require a fair amount of space to mount properly, more subtle—without sacrificing the quality of the feedback. After having tested multiple techniques and actuator designs, D-BOX and RSEAT were able to design a system where instead of actuators being sat directly on the ground, they were sat on their side, allowing for the same 1.5” travel but in a much more compact form factor.

Not only is it more subtle than traditional haptic systems, but the HF-L4 platform is a complete plug and play solution that opens up the world of motion to a much wider audience than ever before thanks to its universal usage abilities.

Be immersed with ANY rig or entertainment seat

Thanks to a plethora of bracket options, the HF-L4 platform can fit under almost any seat, simulator or device that is available on the market—whether it be a recliner, a computer chair, or an entire sim racing rig!

This capability means that users around the world can easily and instantly upgrade their static entertainment setup to one that provides haptic feedback with one product, which is something that has never been done before. It has never been this simple or quick to add haptics to any entertainment seat! Plus, the HF-L4 platform is also available in a larger size or large chairs—meaning that you can even transform your loveseat into an immersive entertainment seat.

With the platform being compatible with D-BOX’s existing and ever-growing catalogue of over 2,000 movies, television shows, video games, sim racing software and alternative content, there’s no shortage of ways to revolutionize your entertainment experience!

The HF-L4 platform: number one in quality and style

What also makes the HF-L4 platform so unique is its unique appearance. The platform stands extremely low to the ground, making it ideal for tighter spaces (such as the crack under your sofa) and for storage, should you need to temporarily remove the platform from a seat!

Despite this, the D-BOX & RSEAT engineers worked hard to ensure that users will still get the full 1.5-inch range of movement and travel that you would receive with the other standard-sized D-BOX products, as well as the top-notch quality of RSEAT products. An absolute refusal to sacrifice quality for style was agreed upon, so the teams came together to find a way to integrate both!

Thanks to this refusal, when compared to other motion platforms on the market that are large, bulky and unpleasant to look at, the HF-L4 easily comes out on top in both quality and style.

As simple as plug and play

While all D-BOX haptic systems are already plug and play solutions, the HF-L4 goes one step further with only 2 cables that need to be setup!

All you have to do is plug in one power cable and connect one USB cable to your PC, and that’s it! The installation of your HF-L4 platform will be complete, and you’ll be ready to change the way you experience entertainment—regardless of whether you choose the 2-actuator or 4-actuator configuration.

This simplicity is ideal for those who may not be super tech-friendly and for those who don’t want to spend days installing their hardware, which can often be the case with other high-fidelity haptic products!

Revolutionize your sim racing experience with D-BOX & RSEAT’s HF-L4

With the HF-L4 platform, D-BOX & RSEAT have taken another step in revolutionizing the way consumers experience entertainment and the way sim racers connect with their vehicles. This step forward also helps to democratize haptic feedback around the world by making it accessible to all, no matter what type of seat you have—and without sacrificing the quality!

Ultra compact, easy to set up and extremely versatile, the HF-L4 platform is crafted to withstand long-term use to change the way you race, watch movies and play games for decades to come.

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