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Home theater ideas to create the ultimate viewing experience

February 10, 2023

When you want to have a memorable movie night without leaving the house, it’s convenient to have a space in which you can relax and that acts as your own personal home theater. This can help make your movie-watching experience just as exciting as the real thing, even without leaving the house!


Where this is will depend on the space you have and the size of your home, but your home theater can be anything from a specific sofa in the living room to a room dedicated solely to watching movies.


This space should be cozy, comfortable and be equipped with everything you need to make movie night more memorable. Before you make your popcorn and press play, be sure to read up on our tips on how to create the ultimate home theater setup!

Design your home theater

One of the most important things when it comes to home theaters is to decide the space you want to dedicate to it and what you want it to look like!

After allocating the space, be sure to set the mood with proper lighting! No one wants to watch a movie in bright lights or in complete darkness, so a light that can be adjusted is ideal. Consider investing in darkening curtains if the room has a lot of windows, so you can set the tone no matter the time of day.

If you want to make the mood extra special, then add some twinkle lights to the décor! The luminosity they produce are perfect to create just a bit of light without being overwhelming. If not, a few soft-coloured lamps can create the glowing vibe you’re looking for.

Jean Lanouette's D-BOX home theaterPhoto credits: Jean Lanouette

Adequately equip your home theater

While you can completely enjoy a movie night with a normal TV and a normal sound system, you can truly enhance your experience by having the best equipment for the job!

If you have a big room dedicated to your home theater, then the ultimate goal should be to have a projector that projects on a screen or on a white wall—this will allow you to get as close as possible to a movie theater-sized screen at home. However, if you don’t have the space for a projector, try using a slightly above average sized TV – this will make the movie-watching experience feel more special, as opposed to when you’re simply watching the news in another room.

As we know, another important aspect that can really take your viewing experience to the next level is sound. Even though there’s nothing wrong with watching a movie with the TV volume simply turned up high, a surround sound system is the best thing you can have in your home theater! With one, you can truly hear the sound effects the way you’re intended to hear them—they engulf you completely. If someone is sneaking up behind a character in the movie, you’ll hear the footsteps behind you as well!

Antony Negrette's D-BOX home theater

Photo credits: Anthony Negrette

Give your home theater a quality media player

You can’t have a movie night without content, so it’s only natural to have a high-quality streaming device or media player in your home theater!

A DVD or Blu-ray player is perfectly functional for playing DVD content, so it’s important to have one of those in your theater. However, a lot of today’s content is found on apps and not on a disc!

This is why a device such as an Apple TV would be useful in a home theater—you can gather all your streaming apps in one place for easy access. Plus, if you own an iPhone, then your phone can double as the remote!

If an Apple TV isn’t for you, then look into the type of SMART TV you buy—many of them have these capacities built-in so that your favourite apps are never far away.

Select your home theater content

In the past, people owned lots of content on DVD – and when they didn’t own the movie they wanted to see, they could simply rent it at a video store. While video stores still exist, they are significantly rarer and can no longer offer all the quality content you’ll want to watch in your home theater!

This is why when designing your ultimate home theater, you need to decide on the content you’ll want access to long-term. This will likely require you to sign up for different streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Crave, Hulu, and more.

Before sitting down to enjoy your theater, take some time to browse the content of all the streaming platforms out there to see which ones appeal to you—they don’t currently exist in bundles, so you’ll have to decide which ones you want most! For example, if you have a family with young kids, then you may want to subscribe to Disney+.

To guide you in your decision-making process, many streaming platforms offer a free trial to new users—allowing you to get a feel for what’s on each platform and to cancel the services you don’t feel will be worth your while.

High-quality home theater seating

Once your physical room is set up and you have adequate lighting, screens, sound and content, the only thing that could take your home viewing experience to the next level is to have immersive & high-quality seating!

A high-fidelity haptic seat, like the D-BOX Lifestyle by Jaymar,  taps into the body’s sensory potential with a combination of movements, vibrations and textures that are perfectly synchronized with the content being enjoyed. This makes for a richer and fuller experience that brings movies, series and entertainment of all kinds to life! D-BOX’s haptic technology is compatible with all of the most popular streaming services (including all the ones listed above), giving you the opportunity to turn an ordinary viewing experience into an extraordinary one.

If you want your entire theater to be decked with high-fidelity haptic cinema seats, then our made-to-order seats may be the perfect solution for you.

With D-BOX seating being incredibly simple to set up and with over 2500 D-BOX coded titles (and counting) to choose from, having a haptic seat in your home theater is the ultimate way to make your at-home entertainment experiences as memorable as can be.

Get your snacks & enjoy your theater

While there are many different ways to go about creating your home theater, the most important thing is that it’s a place where ultimately you can relax and make the most of the theatrical experience, even if it’s at home.

If you equip yourself with proper lighting, audio, screens, media players, content and seating, then they’ll all work in conjunction to further immerse you in the movie—ensuring that you have the ultimate home theater experience.

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