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D-BOX & Gaming: Level Up Your Playing Experience with Haptics

February 27, 2023

With the upcoming Game Developers Conference (GDC), the eyes of gaming studios and of gamers around the world will be on the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California, to see what exciting innovations the future holds for the gaming industry!


Gone are the days of static entertainment where players are immersed solely by the audiovisual cues of their games. Today, players are looking to add an extra element to their gaming experience—one that will go beyond sight and sound, and that will make them feel as though they were truly part of the adventure: haptic feedback.


D-BOX will be at the GDC alongside partner Cooler Master in booth P1679 (Games from Québec) to demonstrate just how haptic technology can enhance the gaming experience. If you’ll be in attendance, you can even book time with the D-BOX team here to feel the magic for yourself!


If you’re looking to understand exactly how D-BOX revolutionizes the gaming experience through haptics, be sure to keep reading.


Cooler Master’s Motion 1, Powered by D-BOX

Originally announced in 2021, Cooler Master’s Motion 1—the world’s first gaming chair made with D-BOX haptic technology—will be taking pre-orders from the public in the coming months!

Motion 1 will allow players to not only play the game, but to truly be a part of it. Through D-BOX’s combination of movements, vibrations and textures created by their library of more than 65,000 unique haptic effects, players will no longer be observers—they’ll quite literally feel every moment of their favourite games.

The revolutionary immersive experience promised by Motion 1 will not only increase the fun factor for gamers but will also provide them with a level of environmental awareness never seen before. Combined with the various in-game haptic cues they’ll experience, players of all kinds will be able to take their skills to the next level!

Developed specifically for immersion and to be ergonomic for all-day work & play comfort, Motion 1 is sure to become a must-have for gamers going forward. The chair will be on demonstration at the GDC for those who want to get the first feel of what it’s like to truly become part of the action!


Behind the Haptic Magic

The quality and realism behind the haptic feedback provided by D-BOX products such as Motion 1 stems from more than 25 years of research, development and innovation.

G5—D-BOX’s latest generation of haptic actuators—have a completely new infrastructure and compact design that takes up significantly less space than previous generations without sacrificing the realism and durability that D-BOX is known for.

For gaming purposes, G5 products feature an in-line 1.5” actuator that provide the range of motion required to immerse users into their game in a subtle yet realistic fashion.

Game the Way Studios Intended

To provide players with the most realistic feedback possible, D-BOX partners with some of the world’s biggest gaming studios such as Ubisoft, Microsoft XBOX Game Studios and more. Through these partnerships, D-BOX’s haptic developers have been able to hand-encode more than 100 games directly in the game’s engine, allowing players to receive haptic feedback based on the game’s telemetry itself!

These partnerships also allow studios to communicate exactly what they intended for players to feel during their games, bringing a deeper level of storytelling into the equation.

“When your body is involved, you truly feel like you’re in the game’s environment,” said Félix Gervais-O’Neill, one of D-BOX’s haptic developers. “The more immersed you are, the less likely you are to tire of the game and the longer you can play. For a gamer, if you buy a game, you truly want to be in it.”


Your Games, Your Way: Adaptive Gaming Mode

Even if a specific game hasn’t yet been coded by haptic developers like Gervais-O’Neill, those who own chairs like Motion 1 are able to play literally any PC game with haptic feedback thanks to D-BOX’s Adaptive Gaming Mode.

Adaptive Gaming Mode provides players with haptic feedback based on the actions that they trigger through their keyboard, mouse and game controller. Players can set and customize their own user profiles that decide how and when they’ll experience different effects—or choose from a profile that’s already been created—putting them in control of their own experience!

Using Adaptive Gaming Mode, players can feel every jump, recoil and more, even if D-BOX hasn’t hand-coded the game yet.

More Than Just a Gaming Chair

Additionally, gamers who own a D-BOX haptic product aren’t just limited to games. With a HaptiSync subscription, users will gain access to D-BOX’s library of more than 2,500 movies, tv series, music, relaxation playlists and more that have been hand-coded by haptic designers to further immerse them into their content! Featuring some of Hollywood’s biggest titles and the most popular shows streaming today, D-BOX haptic technology allows users to be immersed in all their entertainment, not just their games.

Similarly to Adaptive Gaming Mode, Adaptive Audio Mode also exists for home theater and cinema aficionados—if your favourite title isn’t found in the D-BOX content catalogue, then you can experience vibrations and textures that are generated based on the contents’ audio.


Add a New Layer of Immersion to the Gaming Experience

The future of gaming can be found in haptic technology, and D-BOX has brought it to the forefront of the entertainment experience today.

Through a combination of hand-coded movements, vibrations and textures, gamers around the world can not only be further immersed in their favourite adventures, but they can improve their gameplay using haptic cues, set up their own haptic profiles and even watch their favourite movies, series and more from their gaming chairs and setups!

If you would like to speak to a D-BOX representative at the upcoming GDC about how haptic technology can enhance your gaming products, you can book some time with them using the form here. We look forward to seeing gaming professionals and fans alike at booth P1679!




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