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New D-BOX G5 Haptic System: The Reviews are In

August 31, 2022

About two weeks ago, D-BOX released its latest innovation in high-fidelity haptic systems: the D-BOX G5. An upgrade from their G3, G5 provides users with the same high-quality feedback and the same plug and play solution you’ve grown accustomed to, all while being packaged in a sleek way and while retaining its status as the only haptic system to be licensed by the FIA!


With the system now officially being on the market, two leading sim racing experts have published their full reviews of G5—and there’s lots to break down.


Keep reading to discover what Will from Boosted Media and what Barry Rowland from Sim Racing Garage had to say after having tried & tested D-BOX’s latest haptic system!

Boosted Media: Lower Price, Same High Quality Haptic Experience

Boosted Media opens their video review (and their written review, which can be found here) by comparing G3 to G5 at first glance. Before even trying the system, one key upgrade stands out—you no longer have to purchase a separate system if your country requires a different voltage!

With G3, you had to decide at the time of purchase if you wanted a 120v or 230v system. With G5, there’s simply a switch that you toggle back and forth to set the voltage! Will also pointed out that G5’s cables are thinner than the ones found on G3—making for more efficient cable management, since the cables can bend more than the G3 ones.

G5 voltage switch

While unboxing the haptic system, Boosted Media also pointed out that D-BOX handily includes both a 1.8m USB cable and a 3m USB cable, bolts to mount the actuators to the included mounts, and wire splitter cables to run power to the actuators without having to have a separate cable for each.

As far as the installation goes, Boosted Media mentions that it can be a little complex depending on your setup, but states that the accompanying documentation is very complete, making the process relatively smooth. They also add that support is ongoing, so any issues are swiftly resolved!

D-BOX Sim Racing rig with G5 actuators

Once installed on their rig, Boosted Media walks users through the software installation and through how to use D-BOX’s Game Center. They point out that while the Game Center has many different places where you can personalize your settings, D-BOX walks you through the entire process to keep you informed every step of the way. It’s also possible to set up multiple profiles in the Game Center, allowing different users to set up their own intensity preferences in a place in which they’ll be saved!

Once the software setup is complete, Will states that it’s extremely easy to use—it’ll simply run in the background, and you won’t see it in your day-to-day.

To conclude their review, Boosted Media listed their pros of D-BOX’s G5 system: it has outstanding, smooth feedback while still providing subtle, granular feedback as well, it’s quiet in operation (with the exception of engine vibrations, which they describe as an extremely immersive aspect that is not present on alternative motion systems), it is the smoothest motion system they’ve tested to date and it has a high build quality that isn’t overengineered for sim racing. They also added that motion code for new games is released very quickly and that the company is extremely active & responsive, making D-BOX’s G5 a great choice for sim racers looking to add motion to their rig!


Sim Racing Garage: industry leader for all forms of racing

Barry Rowland of Sim Racing Garage opens his review in a similar fashion to Boosted Media with an unboxing of the haptic system, also highlighting the new power supply switch that G3 didn’t have. He also notes that G5 no longer has separate controller boxes, making the system easier to install. He then quickly skips ahead to nearly two hours of putting G5 to the test in different environments!

Once behind the wheel of the system, Rowland speaks highly of the sensations that G5 provides. He states that not only is the D-BOX software system easy to use, but that G5 gives the right data at the right time—allowing drivers to put in the corrections needed to get good, consistent laps out of the system! He also points out that it’s easy to customize, as G5 also allows users to personalize the experience inside the Game Center

He also remarks that D-BOX’s more than 20 years of experience allows him to truly feel the skid sensations when turning his car, regardless of whether it be on an oval track or on an intense rally stage!

Rally stage sim racing

To finish their review, Sim Racing Garage described some of the sensations felt during their test drive session in even more detail: curbing is not too sharp and not too mushy, when the vehicle slides you feel a skipping sensation that lets you know you’re sliding, and when rallying, you can tell when you’re driving on dirt rather than on other surfaces. They even go so far as to call G5 a true turnkey system and “one of the most refined systems out there”!


A new generation of haptic feedback

With professional sim racers and drivers of today looking for the most realistic motion system there is, it helps to hear from those with known experience in the industry when a new product hits the market. Boosted Media and Sim Racing Garage both spent a fair amount of time unboxing D-BOX G5, setting it up, putting it through the test and reporting back to sim racing aficionados everywhere, and the results of their tests are in—G5 is a true plug & play solution that provides realistic, real-time haptic feedback to help drivers obtain better results.

Comparison table between G3 and G5

If you want to learn more about how G5 can help make you a better driver, feel free to contact an authorized reseller near you!


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