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Partner Spotlight: Racing into innovation with Playseat®

November 29, 2023

Playseat® has earned a reputation as the sim racing company who brought innovation to the fast lanethey’re the company who revolutionized the way drivers experience their virtual tracks, and who continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible for sim racers. 


At D-BOX, since we’re all about enhancing your entertainment experiences, we’re beyond proud to partner with a a company as prestigious as Playseat®. Together, we’ve created the Playseat® D-BOX Motion Platform – a motion platform compatible with Playseat®’s racing simulators and our G5 haptic system—and we’re continuing to work on delivering a new dimension of excitement to sim racers! 


To celebrate this partnership, we recently caught up with Robert Rossi—Playseat®’s Global Head of Sports and Partnerships—to talk about how Playseat® has worked to earn its reputation and how they plan on working with D-BOX to offer a whole new world of realism to their clients


Tell us a little about Playseat®. How did the company begin and what do you pride yourself on offering?

The story of Playseat®'s founding goes back to 1996 where Fernando Smit's personal passion for gaming and his desire to enhance the gaming experience for himself and others started. Smit is a former karting and motocross racer, and he carried love for racing simulation games. However, he felt that something was missing from his racing setup to make it truly immersive. 

Smit decided to take matters into his own hands, he designed and built a racing seat that mirrored the seating position of a real racing car. He then incorporated a mount for his racing wheel and pedals. This turned out to be the first prototype which evolved into the Playseat® products as you see them today. 

Through his entrepreneurial vision, he successfully expanded the company into a global organization and played a significant role in popularizing the concept of dedicated gaming seats and simulation racing cockpits. 

Playseat® takes pride in their commitment to provide sim racing enthusiasts with a more immersive experience. Our cockpits are designed to replicate the most authentic seating position of various racing vehicles! 

The company's commitment to innovation and its ability to adapt to the evolving gaming industry have allowed it to thrive and become a recognized brand in the gaming market. 

What challenges did Playseat® face while attempting to find a way to enhance the racing experience?

Enhancing the sim racing experience involves a complex interplay of technical, design, and logistical challenges. One of the biggest challenges is striking the right balance between realism and accessibility! Simulators can be incredibly realistic, but if they are too complex, they become daunting for newcomers. On the other hand, making them too accessible can compromise the realism that hardcore racers crave.  

At Playseat®, we are committed to addressing the full spectrum, from entry to professional, all while innovating and adapting to meet the ever-evolving needs and expectations of our customers. Our goal is to craft the most immersive and fulfilling racing experience possible. 

What made you turn towards D-BOX?

D-BOX has garnered a well-established reputation for premium-grade motion systems, which excel in delivering an unparalleled level of realism and immersion. They are also distinguished by the precision-engineered technology that ensures the synchronized motion feedback that elevates the user's experience to new heights! 

Furthermore, D-BOX has earned acclaim for the reliability of their haptic systems. Built upon a foundation of robust construction and paired with tight quality control of the hardware, D-BOX guarantees users a consistent and trouble-free experience over time. This steadfast commitment to quality closely aligns with the core values we hold dear at Playseat®. 

What were the original conversations with D-BOX like? 

Right from the outset, our approach has been centered on collaboration, with a clear focus on maintaining a long-term relationship. We have remained adaptable and will continue to be so, adjusting our strategies when circumstances and market dynamics demand it. We knew that this partnership will allow us both to utilize our strengths and achieve the most immersive and fulfilling racing experience. 

What was the selling point that convinced Playseat® that D-BOX was the solution you were looking for?

The decisive selling point that led Playseat® to conclude that D-BOX was the ideal solution we were seeking lay in D-BOX's expertise in motion simulation technology. D-BOX's reputation of delivering realism, compatibility, customization options, reliability and support demonstrates their commitment to excellence. 

Furthermore, the integration of D-BOX technology with our racing cockpits and the ability to provide a level of realism and immersion to our customers was a key factor. D-BOX's reputation for innovation and their dedication to pushing the boundaries of motion simulation aligns perfectly with Playseat®'s mission to enhance the sim racing experience. This alignment of vision and their proven commitment to excellence made D-BOX the clear choice for us. 


What about the D-BOX experience do you like most? 

In gaming, whether it's sim racing, flight simulation, or other genres, the D-BOX motion technology adds an extra layer of excitement and engagement. I enjoy the low latency, smooth feedback and thrill of physically feeling curbs, bumps and all other movements happening on track!  

What do you think the power is of combining 2 FIA-licensed products? 

The alliance achieved by uniting two FIA-licensed sim racing products holds the promise of forging an exceptionally authentic, competitive, and immersive sim racing experience. This collaboration can benefit sim racers, esports enthusiasts, and the broader motorsport community by providing a platform that closely mirrors real-world racing and offers exciting opportunities for training, competition, and community engagement.  

Simulators featuring FIA licensing stand as invaluable assets for real-world motorsport training and skill enhancement. By combining these products, we can provide a comprehensive training environment that empowers racers to refine their abilities safely and cost-effectively. 

Where do you see the D-BOX & Playseat® partnership going in the future?

We envision the D-BOX & Playseat® partnership as a dynamic and progressive collaboration that continues to reach new heights in the future. As we move forward, our shared commitment to innovation, quality, and enhancing the simulator experience will remain at the forefront of our endeavors. Together, we aim to further expand our product offerings, and reach a broader audience of passionate gamers. Our goal is to consistently deliver solutions that redefine the boundaries of immersive gaming! 

A more exciting world of sim racing

Our partnership with Playseat® is more than just a collaboration—it’s a commitment to delivering unparalleled immersion and excitement to sim racing enthusiasts. By combining Playseat®’s innovative products with our cutting-edge motion technology, we’ve opened the door to a new realm of possibilities that we can’t wait to share with you!Learn more about the D-BOX & Playseat partnership

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