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Racing with D-BOX: an enhanced sim racing experience

September 3, 2021


How do race car drivers consistently push their vehicle to the edge of its limits and maximize their performance lap after lap?

The answer is simple and logical: drivers are perfectly in tune with their vehicle and have come to both understand and interpret the most subtle feedback it provides them, which helps them react and anticipate what’s coming next on the track.

The same can be said for sim racers who want to improve— the more they understand their vehicle, the more they can unleash their true potential.

D-BOX was built on the belief that sim racers are entitled to the same degree of symbiosis between man and machine so that they too can extract every ounce of performance from their race car—and so our sim racing haptic experience is a direct bi-product of this philosophy. We put realism and performance first, with everything from product design to game integration and software features!

D-BOX’s high-fidelity haptic motion technology delivers a premium, value-added sim racing experience through an extreme attention to detail, strategic partnerships with gaming studios, professional racers and more—giving sim racers everything they need to take their skills to the next level.


When a rig is powered by D-BOX’s high-fidelity haptics, it is guaranteed to be extremely realistic and precise, immersing you in the race in a way that rigs without motion cannot.

This isn’t just because motion adds more to the experience, but because the D-BOX haptic code is integrated directly into the game’s engine by experienced professionals. By collaborating with developers, we ensure that sim racers experience the game as originally intended by the studios.

We also collaborate with some of the world’s biggest game studios such as Codemasters, Kylotonn and Microsoft to implement our trademarked haptic feedback into as many games as possible and to ensure the most realistic delivery of any system on the market.

This level of collaboration means that D-BOX has access to a lot more data and telemetry than other motion providers, which will put you a lap ahead in the race. It also means that we’re able to provide you with a deeper, more accurate representation of the real-life haptic feedback that an actual race car driver would feel.


While direct motion code integration is one of D-BOX’s strengths, the true advantage of the D-BOX haptic system lies in the subtlety of the motion and its unparalleled capacity to replicate high frequencies through a combination of movements, vibrations and textures.

Rather than relying solely on g-force and travel speed (which would make the experience feel more intense but significantly less accurate), D-BOX systems provide granular, subtle feedback. This translates to precise cues such as traction loss and irregularities in the road, which are widely considered amongst professional drivers to be key factors in making sim racing as realistic as possible. 

It is the intertwining of high and low frequencies that truly helps drivers get a more profound understanding of the simulated vehicle’s behavior and therefore helps them improve their performance. These subtle cues allow drivers to know how to react to obstacles such as over and understeer before they’ve received an audible or visual cue from the game, giving them a competitive edge!

As a matter of fact, our motion cues are so realistic that in some of the more intense rally games such as D.I.R.T Rally 2.0, it serves to enhance the audio—co-pilot audio lines are recorded by an actor on D-BOX systems to replicate the intensity of the ride that real life rally drivers go through! D-BOX’s subtlety and realism is truly unmatched—for sim racers, high intensity does not immediately mean a higher level of realism!


Since sim racing is not a “one size fits all” experience, different drivers will prefer different settings. For this reason, we’ve created the D-BOX Game Center—place for you to completely customize your preferences to your specific liking!

In the Game Center, you can activate haptic feedback for any compatible game and fine-tune the experience to be tailored to your liking.

The options for personalization include braking, acceleration, kerb feeling, pitch, roll, engine vibrations, tire vibrations and so much more. Simply adjust the settings with sliders so you feel what you want to feel, and the Game Center automatically ensures that realism remains a top priority in your specific settings.

These settings can be saved in different user profiles, game profiles and even specific vehicle profiles, ensuring that you always have easy access to the settings that work best for you—putting you in control to an extremely high degree of precision.


There is no better way to showcase the quality of the D-BOX haptic system than through our unrivaled experience in multiple industries and the various partnerships we have formed over the last 20 years.

In this time, D-BOX has accumulated valuable expertise and has consistently pushed the barriers of what was thought possible not only in the sim racing world, but also in aerospace, home entertainment, professional simulation training, gaming, movie theaters and more.

All that we’ve learned from our primary business sectors, our partners and our evolving technology came together to create the ultra realistic, high-fidelity sim racing experience that you know today and that so many racing drivers of all levels benefit from.


When you equip your rig with D-BOX haptic technology, you’re using a product that requires little to no maintenance and that is built to last you a lifetime, even when used in rallycross or other demanding environments (including flight!).

No matter the game, no matter the environment and no matter the demands, D-BOX haptic systems are all designed and built in-house to ensure that your high-quality system will never let you down.

“I’ve been using D-BOX for a while now and I really love the way it mimics the chassis of the rally car, being a rally driver, I tend to choose rally games that have got a lot of 3D stages, so lots of jumps and bumps, so really putting the actuators through their paces.  They’ve been holding up really well. I know that they are really strong, super strong, and I’ll be using them for a long, long time,”

Louise Cook, World Rally Championship driver


As it stands today, D-BOX proudly has the first and only haptic system that has been licensed by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), the governing body for the world’s most prestigious racing series.

Tested for hours upon hours by some of the world’s best engineers, the FIA concluded that D-BOX’s high-fidelity haptic system is the most realistic, most immersive and most durable one on the market today that’s worthy of professional drivers in the series they govern. 


This prestigious licensed helped connect us with professional racers, sim racers and organizations across the globe who use and advocate for D-BOX’s haptic system.

Today, we collaborate with NASCAR CUP series driver Anthony Alfredo, WRC driver Louise Cook and professional British racing team TeamBRIT, among others, who all benefit from D-BOX haptic feedback as a training tool.


Born out of a desire to let sim racers unleash their true potential, D-BOX’s high-quality and proven haptic systems amplify your sim racing experience to a whole new level with unparalleled realism and detail.

By amplifying the realism, durability and the finesse of the haptic feedback through strong partnerships, exclusive motion code implementation and 20 years of experience, D-BOX allows drivers of all kinds to maximize their potential both on and off the track.

To race with D-BOX is to amplify your experience to make you feel as if you are truly in a vehicle on a track, so that when you do eventually get there— whether it be an actual track or a sim racing championship— you’ll be one step ahead of your competition.

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