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The Making of Motion 1: A Behind the Scenes Look

January 12, 2023

With gaming and home entertainment growing steadily in popularity over the past few years, it was only natural for D-BOX to be looking for ways to democratize its high-fidelity haptic technology in these industries.


In bringing this technology to more and more households around the world, D-BOX is continuing in its mission to revolutionize the entertainment experience—a mission we know that we do best with the help of our partners!


This is why it was easy for D-BOX to partner with Cooler Master to create Motion 1, the world’s first haptic gaming chair crafted by Cooler Master and powered by D-BOX’s G5 haptic actuators.


Requiring months of research and innovation, Motion 1 was unveiled at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and will be available for pre-order in the coming months.

Keep reading to learn more about what went into this revolutionary technology and to get a behind-the-scenes look into how Motion 1 will take your gaming experience to the next level!

D-BOX & Cooler Master: The perfect pair

As Chris Chen—Cooler Master’s General Manager—says in an exclusive Motion 1 behind-the-scenes video, Cooler Master’s setups have always been an astounding balance of design, quality and performance.

These are qualities that D-BOX seeks to have in all of its haptic products as well, making Cooler Master an ideal partner to innovate with. D-BOX seeks to change the way the world experiences entertainment through immersion but wants this entertainment to fit seamlessly into the lives and homes of consumers—which is Cooler Master’s specialty!

By combining the expertise of both companies, you create the potential for magic that creates high-quality immersion projects. This magic begins with Motion 1, which is sure to give users a taste of the future of gaming!

The innovation and technology behind Motion 1

Regardless of the business sector or type of entertainment experience, D-BOX always uses more than 65,000 haptic effects to provide movements, vibrations and textures that simulate reality with incredible accuracy. This accuracy and these effects are what ultimately brings the experience to new heights, but when creating Motion 1, D-BOX faced a challenge: how do we fit the technology into a lifestyle chair?

To solve this problem, D-BOX engineers created the smallest haptic engine they’ve ever made to date. Though small in size, the haptic engine is mighty and is more than capable of delivering the high-fidelity experience that is known to stimulate the entire body and create a complete circle of immersion for users that makes you feel like you’re truly part of the action.

The feedback provided by Motion 1’s haptic system is not only extremely precise and in sync with the action, but it also provides an individual, responsive and exclusive haptic experience. This means that not only will you feel effects triggered by your manual controls, but also the effects of the game’s environment—making the haptic experience different for every game you play!

High tech meets work-friendly furniture

For Cooler Master, Motion 1 needed to be not simply another piece of furniture, but a piece of furniture that connects with its users beyond just with its functional aspects.

This means that it was their mission to create a gaming chair that would be durable, comfortable and consistent with the iconic style of the Cooler Master brand. Engineering something with these attributes that doesn’t hinder the haptic experience proved to be a complex undertaking because while Motion 1 certainly isn’t your everyday computer chair, it still needed to work like one.

After months of different ideas and approaches, Motion 1 reached its current appearance: a chair that maintains all the ergonomic functionalities and comfort that you would expect from a high-quality gaming chair, but that immerses you in your content like never before.

Take your experience to the next level with Motion 1

Motion 1 is a work of art and passion born from two companies who seek to revolutionize the way gaming is experienced. Not only will it elevate the gaming experience, but those who welcome it into their homes will also be able to access D-BOX’s library of more than 2,500 movies, tv shows, relaxation playlists and more, meaning that users will be just as immersed in their movies and TV shows as they are in their games—thus re-inventing the way they spend their free time at home!

Not only will those with Motion 1 have access to all of D-BOX’s hand-coded movies, TV series and game, but our new beta Adaptive Gaming and Adaptive Audio Modes will allow users to experience haptic feedback for any movie or game, not just those coded by D-BOX!

If you want to revolutionize your entertainment experience with D-BOX’s world-renowned haptic feedback and Cooler Master’s world-renowned style and design, then be sure to keep and eye out in the coming months—Motion 1 will soon be able to pre-order here. 

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