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CM Labs presents new all-terrain vehicle driver trainers featuring the new GEN-II system by D-BOX


As the requirements for military ground vehicle training evolve, the industry is facing several challenges that must be met if they are to remain relevant and competitive.


In order to remain competitive, training requires more complex equipment on board, it must be true-to-life and cost-effective, all amidst shrinking budgets and heightened user expectations.


To meet this demand, CM Labs, a global provider of immersive simulation solutions for training and virtual prototyping, has combined D-BOX’s motion-cueing systems with their simulation and visualisation platform to create a state-of-the-art simulator.

Attendees at this year’s I/ITSEC simulation, modeling and training conference in Orlando will get a close-up look at a new MRAP all-terrain vehicle simulator showcasing the full range of vehicle simulation capabilities offered by CM Labs’ simulation platform. With individually-simulated powertrain components and featuring new advanced tire modeling technology, the simulator demonstrates the depth of innovation and ease of integration between CM Labs’ platform and D-BOX solutions.

“The best thing about working with D-BOX is that we can always count on their experience, innovation and technology. Their turnkey motion-cueing system allows users to experience the full range of kinesthetic signals delivered by our simulation platform.”
-- Arnold Free, COO of CM Labs

What makes this year’s conference extra special is that CM Labs’ new Vortex Advantage is the first simulation hardware platform that incorporates D-BOX Gen II actuators into its design. The next generation of motion-cueing systems from D-BOX Technologies deliver unparalleled degrees of freedom and control over kinesthetic cues for an unprecedented range of creativity and flexibility.

“This year’s event is important for us because it’s one of the first opportunities that industry decision makers will have to witness the incredible range of freedom and evolution capabilities that D-BOX Gen II brings to simulation,” explained Yannick Gemme, the Vice President of Sales, Simulation & Training, at D-BOX. “What CM Labs has done with the Vortex Advantage is incredibly exciting and we are proud to have played a role in its success.”


By leveraging the greater range of freedom inherent in D-BOX’s newest motion-cueing system and optimizing the placement of their actuators, CM Labs has augmented the perception of movements to deliver a more realistic, incredibly efficient, highly engaging training experience.

“D-BOX Gen II is our way of helping CM Labs respond to the needs of this community who understands the significance of feeling real world cues in a virtual training environment but who feel it hasn’t reached its full potential.”

Yannick Gemme, Vice President of Sales, Simulation & Training (D-BOX)

As part of their ongoing partnership, CM Labs is also embedding support for D-BOX’s motion-cueing systems directly in their simulation and visualization software. This will allow users to quickly connect D-BOX products to simulators powered by CM Labs’ software. The built-in D-BOX extension is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2017.
About CM Labs
Established in 2001, CM Labs builds simulation-based products to help clients prepare for specific skills operations with advanced equipment. Their Vortex platform goes further than this and provides capabilities for training simulators, games, virtual prototyping, testing and more.
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