D-BOX and Cooler Master announce partnership

December 10, 2020

D-BOX and Cooler Master partner to commercialize a consumer immersive haptic gaming chair

"This chair will integrate haptic movements and vibrations that will allow gamers to live a complete immersive and realistic experience," said Sébastien Mailhot, President and CEO of D-BOX. "With high‑fidelity haptics, players can experience more fun, more immersion and a unique competitive advantage, thanks to motion cues delivered to the player straight from in-game telemetry.  This makes the D-BOX haptic experience suitable for players of all calibers and for games of all intensities. The new gaming chair is a perfect fit with our library of close to 100 video games and growing, including Assassin's Creed Valhalla, our latest compatible title from Ubisoft and continues to demonstrate our commitment to the gaming industry," added Mr. Mailhot. “The gaming and streaming gear market is estimated at over $36 billion by Jon Peddie Research and D-BOX is thrilled to address this market opportunity.”

“We hope to deliver a gaming chair that will revolutionize the gaming experience and market as soon as Computex 2021”

Jimmy Sha, CEO of Cooler Master

“Cooler Master is an emerging player in the gaming chair industry, but we have already made great strides to bring ergonomics, comfort, and style to the gaming chair market. We strive to bring users products that will fundamentally improve their gaming experiences. Haptic technology is undeniably the future of gaming and working with a company respected and experienced in developing haptic technology as well as D-BOX is an obvious choice for us. We hope to deliver a gaming chair that will revolutionize the gaming experience and market as soon as Computex 2021,” said Jimmy Sha, CEO of Cooler Master.

D-BOX realizes the importance of realism and performance brought by haptics in gaming situations and is committed to deliver the best experience. D-BOX haptic technology is recognized globally in different sectors namely in the racing/automotive segment where it is the only haptic system licensed today by the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile). Owing to its years of experience, it is also used in military, commercial entertainment and is now applied to the entire gaming community, with the goal of allowing all gamers to benefit from the best expertise.  

About D-BOX

D-BOX redefines and creates realistic, immersive and haptic entertainment experiences by providing whole-body feedback and stimulating the imagination through movement. Haptics essentially allows for sensations that would be perceived if the body were to interact directly with physical objects. This expertise explains why D-BOX has collaborated with some of the world's best companies to tell captivating stories. Whether it be movies, video games, virtual reality applications, themed entertainment or professional simulators, D-BOX's mission is to make the world live and vibrate like never before. D-BOX Technologies Inc. (TSX: DBO) is headquartered in Montreal, Canada with offices in Los Angeles, USA and Beijing, China.

About Cooler Master

Cooler master is a global leader in designing and manufacturing innovative gaming peripherals and computer components. With a 25-year track record, cooler master is driven by passion for the things that make building a pc a rewarding experience and sustained by a vision that can reinvent the way machines are designed, made, and used to make the ultimate gaming experience. From its landmark release of the first ever aluminum pc case to the groundbreaking switch of the modular format, cooler master is committed to bringing customers and fans the utmost in choice and control. For more information on cooler master, please visit



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