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RS Simulation launches racing simulator with D-BOX

May 27, 2019

This long-awaited project has been in the works for 3 years and required 9 months of testing and development. Sector One includes cutting-edge technology needed to recreate the speed and power of a real racing environment enabling pilots to feel the nuances of driving a race car on a real track.

The sophisticated simulator was specially designed by a team of engineers and professional pilots, such as Pierre Gasly and Andre Loterrer who set out to create a unique, custom-made experience that would meet the rigorous standards of professional race car drivers and savvy motorsports aficionados. The result is an extremely effective racing simulator that delivers tactile feedback and hyper-realistic replications of every driving sensation through the meticulous motion coding provided by D-BOX.

 “Over the years, our motion technology has been utilized in all types of simulated training environments from aviation to the military, so we were pleased to work with RS Simulation and help them bring this brand new simulator to life,” states Claude Mc Master, President and CEO for D-BOX. “The extreme accuracy and life-like motion provided by our motion systems into this experience is one that has always been appreciated and sought after by the professional pilot community, so Sector One will not disappoint.”

 “D-BOX has earned a remarkable reputation in the simulation industry for the attention to detail and realism they deliver”

William Broussin - Simulation Engineer, RS Simulation

 “D-BOX has earned a remarkable reputation in the simulation industry for the attention to detail and realism they deliver,” states William Broussin, Simulation Engineer at RS Simulation and Founder of the project. “Given the high expectations of what we were determined to achieve, we needed to work with a company that has proven, sophisticated technology and a strong ability to deliver a hyper-realistic experience. It was only natural that we collaborate with D-BOX.”

Sector One launched in Monaco this last Friday to much fanfare during the F1 Grand Prix of Monaco. For more information about Sector One simulator, click here.


RS Simulation was born from the association of skilled motorsport professionals. Its ideal Monaco location provides customers with a precise tool, both technically and economically coherent. Their regular clients run in hi-level, single seaters such as GP2, GP3, WSR, F3, F4, as well as in the Blancpain series, GT Tour, DTM, GTE, Sport Prototype, GT Open and Porsche Carrera cup.

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