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JCL Simracing develops the world first bi-place simulator

November 19, 2020

Best peripherals for the best simulation

The groundbreaking simulator is equipped with all of the best peripherals available on the market and comes as a complete package that includes 5 FIA licensed D-BOX actuators, 4 at each corner of the platform to replicate suspension travel and 1 behind the seat to give the driver and co-pilot the “kick” feeling when shifting gears in a high-powered racing car or the compression feeling when hard braking. The bi-place simulator also comes with a Heusinkveld sequential gearbox and handbrake, a Simcube direct drive steering wheel, three 43″ Asus monitors with high refresh rates, JCL’s very own hydraulic pedal set and many more top-of-the-line peripherals to ensure the most realistic and seamless experience possible.

As is evident by the impressive equipment list, the objective behind JCL’s bi-place simulator is performance and training optimization. By getting as close to the real thing as possible, drivers are truly prepared to real-life competition and are able to work on the drive/co-pilot cohesion ahead of time in a race setting.

“To reach peak performance in Rally racing, we know that it is crucial to optimize every aspect of race preparation.”


“This simulator not only allows the driver to work on his knowledge of a specific stage and get in the proper mindset for a race but also enables the co-pilot to work on his/her note taking system. It also stands as the perfect tool for optimizing team cohesion and training in the most true-to-life environment possible,” says JCL on their social media channels.

The development of this simulator included hours of testing on Codemaster’s D.I.R.T Rally 2.0 game, the latest and best software available for rally simulation, to ensure perfect compatibility. On top of that, D-BOX’s exclusive haptic code, carefully crafted by in-house professionals, is fully integrated into the game’s engine. This allows the D-BOX system to provide the driver/co-pilot duo with additional information about the car’s behaviour and road surface, leading to an enhanced feeling of realism and immersion. When it comes to full on performance and realism, nothing compares to what FIA licensed D-BOX systems can deliver.

Tested and approved by Rally pilots

Also a part of the development process were Jeremy Sarhy, official driver of the famous “Sébastien Loeb racing” and Cécile Marie, experienced rally co-pilot. Thanks to their involvement, the development team was able to ensure that the finished product properly met the expectations of users of the highest calibre possible and that it matched real-life racing as much as possible.

A close up of haptic actuators on a bi-place simulator

“A superb tool. We can truly improve our note-taking system, test multiple things related to driving as well as fine-tune settings for the car. In short, it is a great device to progress, learn and evolve within the rally discipline,” says Jeremy Sarhy.

To sum it all up, JCL’s brand new bi-place rally simulator is a statement in the world of sim racing professional training and D-BOX is proud to be such a key element of the package and can’t wait to hear what users have to say about it!

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