Enhance your sim racing experience

D-BOX is involved in the world of sim racing for one purpose only: to take the passion we all share and to bring it to a whole new level

Take a look below as we walk you through the different aspects of an average sim racing experience that we dramatically improve through the power of high-fidelity haptic technology!


The D-BOX experience stems from an entire ecosystem of products, partnerships and expertise which our users benefit from on their quest to become the best sim racer they can be

D-BOX’s innovative haptic system is the first and only to be licensed by the FIA thanks to over 20 years of research, development and improvements

The subtlety of the feedback and the unparalleled capacity of the system to replicate high frequencies are a step up on systems that rely solely on G-Force and travel speed, which sets us apart from the competition

Additionally, D-BOX users have access to the Game Center, our exclusive platform that allows them to customize their haptic experience to their exact liking! Want to learn even more?

Check out this video to get even more insights on the world of D-BOX haptics!

Realism is always our priority

Thanks to our long-standing relationships with studios and game producers like Codemasters, Microsoft and many more, our games are fully integrated — allowing us to process telemetry data straight from the game’s engine and to provide haptic feedback that’s been specifically designed by our professional haptic engineers to be delivered exactly how the game developers intended you to feel

On top of G-Forces, D-BOX haptics provide granular, subtle feedback that translates into precise cues such as traction loss and irregularities in the road to create an extremely realistic and immersive haptic experience that allows drivers of all skill levels to get a better understanding of their vehicle and to improve their lap times


D-BOX actuators are robust, reliable, and can take on the most punishing simulated environments such as rally driving and more

This incredible quality stems from D-BOX’s 20+ years of expertise in multiple industries such as flight simulation, which has allowed us to fine-tune our products to the peak of haptic engineering

On top of their incredible quality, D-BOX systems are by far the easiest to install and operate thanks to their plug-and-play approach

More immersion, more fun

While performance is always at the top of our minds, it's in our DNA to make our users smile!

No matter the skill level, expertise or age, D-BOX is guaranteed to pack a punch of fun and leave you craving more

By involving the entire body through haptics, we take an average sim racing experience and turn it into one you’ll never forget!


D-BOX prides itself on ensuring a wide range of software combability and direct integration into the simulation engines through our long-standing relationship with developers around the globe

Our motion experience is designed and fine-tuned in partnership with simulation engineers who share our passion for a perfect motion and haptic experience that enhances all types of training scenarios


Our partners will get you started on the road to your own D-BOX sim racing experience

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