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D-BOX year in review: Celebrating the achievements of 2022

December 13, 2022

With the year coming to a close and with the busy holiday season (and preparations for the upcoming quarter!) already in full swing, many corporations have their eyes set solely on the future and forget to take a look back at what they—as well as their partners and their employees—have accomplished in the past 12 months.


With our haptic technology being used to change the way entertainment is experienced in 6 different business sectors, the days, weeks and months of work at D-BOX are filled with multiple gratifying collaborations, lots of creativity and plenty of new innovations. It’s these qualities that help us to continue to democratize haptic entertainment around the world!


These qualities allowed us to accomplish so much during the 2022 calendar year for each business sector. Learn more about these accomplishments and celebrate all that we achieved with our partners below!

Celebrating our corporate accomplishments

Over the last year, D-BOX has had success with multiple company-wide projects.

One of our biggest accomplishments of the year was the release of G5, our latest generation of high-fidelity haptic systems. With a successful rollout in the rigs of our sim racing partners as well as in select theatrical locations, G5 comes packed with all our latest innovations and offers the ultimate realism and quality customers have come to expect from us, but comes packaged in a new, more compact fashion. With simpler connections and enhanced voltage protection, we’re excited to bring G5 to clients in all of our business sectors, with the next one being home entertainment!

G5 actuator from D-BOX

Speaking of home entertainment, earlier in 2022, D-BOX celebrated the encoding of our 2,500th piece of content. This content includes movies, TV series and videogames, which can all be easily browsed in our all-new content catalogue! Those who have D-BOX systems at home have access to the haptic codes for all 2,500 titles, providing them with hours upon hours of entertainment and fun.

For those who don’t have a haptic system at home, it became easier to find a movie theater near them that allows them to be immersed in their movies like never before. Thanks to our interactive map that uses postal or zip codes to discover D-BOX locations near them, this tool allows us to send potential customers directly to our theatrical exhibitors’ website to purchase D-BOX tickets.

Finally, for those who want to try a D-BOX-enabled sim racing rig or who are ready to purchase a haptic product, the new Where to Try & Buy section of our website questions them on their specific needs and geographic location to connect them directly with the distributors best fit for them.

Celebrating haptic sim racing experiences

The last 12 months have been extremely busy for the sim racing industry, both around the world and at D-BOX!

We started off the year meeting longtime D-BOX ambassador Louise Cook in person for the first time during a media event we hosted in London, England, with the goal of introducing the concept of sim racing and our technology to new audiences.

We also attended the Grand Prix de France and just recently came back from the world-renowned Sim Racing Expo in Germany, where we were present with a Motion Zone in collaboration with Mercedes AMG!


2022 was a fun year for sim racing consumers, as it saw the first F1 Arcade open its doors in the United Kingdom. Equipped with more than 60 custom-made Vesaro simulators outfitted with G5 haptic technology, the F1 Arcade allows avid sim racers to get laps in with top-of-the-line equipment!

We also worked to bring haptic technology to more homes around the world with RSEAT, by creating the world’s first universal haptic platform that fits seamlessly under any entertainment seat or rig. This allows consumers to bring their static seats to haptic and to experience D-BOX from the comfort of their homes.

RSEAT haptic platformIn terms of partnerships, we announced a new agreement with Trak Racer, bringing our haptic technology to their high-quality chassis for the ultimate sim racing experience.

Finally, we coded F1 2022 and WRC, making them compatible with D-BOX, and released our new Coded Video Mode to give sim racers everywhere access to our catalogue of 2,500 titles.

Sim racing truly expanded in 2022, and we took advantage of this expansion to allow drivers to feel the most realistic haptic experiences!

Celebrating haptic home entertainment

With the home entertainment industry booming in the last three years, there was no shortage of activity for D-BOX in this industry.

In 2022, we attended the CEDIA expo, which is the biggest event in the United States for those doing business in the home entertainment industry. We attended this exposition with our longtime partner Jaymar, and in preparation for this event, we updated our haptic experience demo real in the only way we know how: with all-new innovations.

With the demo being filmed in what’s called the Unreal Engine, we mixed reality with virtual and with class and created a new environment for which luxury home theater owners to imagine themselves—one that includes our haptic home theater seats.

We also revolutionized the haptic home entertainment experience for those who already have a D-BOX system at home by releasing Adaptive Audio and Adaptive Gaming mode, which allows users to watch or play any movie or video game with haptic feedback-- regardless of whether it’s been previously coded by D-BOX.

Celebrating haptic video game experiences

Not only did Adaptive Gaming Mode change the gaming experience for D-BOX gamers, but we were also present to observe and partake in the 2022 edition of Megamigs in our hometown of Montreal, Quebec! Megamigs brings together game developers, creators, entrepreneurs and more to learn about every aspect of the game-creating process, which serves as inspiration for us for our future innovations!

We also spent a large majority of the year working on a project with Cooler Master—you’ll want to keep an eye out on news coming out of the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES)!

Celebrating our theatrical accomplishments

With the theatrical industry having officially returned to normal in 2022, it was a great year for premium experiences—moviegoers around the world sought out experiences that they can’t have at home, which led to great success for us and our exhibitors!

Though it hit the big screen in December of 2021, Spider-Man: No Way Home remained there until the new year and ended up being the best-selling film in D-BOX history!

To follow up that achievement, we also saw a record number of D-BOX tickets sold in June—due in part to the long-awaited Top Gun sequel, Top Gun: Maverick.

The success helped us to lock in new deals with our exhibitors Hoyts & Cinemark, with approximately 20 new sites to be rolled out in the coming months.

We’re also continuing our partnership Ecco Cine Supply & Service, further demonstrating our commitment to our international partners as well!

The momentum of the theatrical industry brought a great 2022 for D-BOX and has no sign of slowing down in 2023, with another full slate of impressive titles on the agenda!

A year full of haptic success

All of the different successes we had in our 6 industries and as a company as a whole were acknowledged in early December when we were awarded the PME (SME) en lumière award—partnership of the year, which is awarded to Quebec companies in the technology industry that have distinguished themselves in terms of strategic partnerships.

However, as the award name says, we share it with each and every one of our partners with whom we collaborated. Without them, we would not be able to move the world through haptic technology—which we look forward to doing in 2023 and beyond!

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