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Six months & 64 new D-BOX movie auditorium: A strong start to 2023

July 11, 2023

With the month of July being now underway, we can officially say that we’re more than halfway through 2023!


In the first six months of the year, D-BOX has worked hard to enlarge our global footprint and has had lots of success. As a matter of fact, 64 new D-BOX screens have been added in different locations around the world from January to June!


Part of this success is due to a recent contract extension with Ecco Cine Supply and Kinopolis, which secures our partnership with them through 2028. With 11 sites currently in operation, Kinopolis has 33 D-BOX screens, more than 450 classic haptic seats and has sold more than 150,000 D-BOX tickets in 2022! In addition to the contract renewal, a new Kinopolis site will be opening in Homburg, Germany, later this summer—making this contract one crucial to the success of D-BOX.


On top of the contract extension with Ecco & Kinopolis, four other partners have opened new D-BOX screens   in the first half of the year. All of these new seats use G5, our latest generation of high-fidelity haptic systems!


When all our efforts are calculated, 1,389 new or upgraded D-BOX seats are in operation that either didn’t exist or that weren’t upgraded prior to 2023—which is 1,389 more people who can be immersed in every moment of their movies with a thrilling premium experience.


Keep reading to learn more about these new seats and the partners who are helping us move the world!


Cinemark—one of the leading exhibitors in the United States—helped D-BOX make waves in the first six months of the year by adding a whopping 43 new screens with our immersive haptic seats!

With each of these locations being equipped with luxurious & ultra comfortable recliners, moviegoers all over the USA will get to live an unparalleled motion experience perfectly synchronized to the action on-screen.

Ranging from 13 to 21 seats, these new screens with haptic recliners will also provide users with a personalized and intimate way to enjoy their movies.

These new screens help to expand both D-BOX’s and Cinemark’s footprint, with them being opened across several cities including Huntington Beach, CA, Corpus Christi, TX, Mountain View, CA, West Jordan, UT, Milpitas, CA, Lakewood, CO, Merriam, KS, El Paso, TX, Laredo, TX, Hurst, TX, Melrose Park, IL, Long Beach, CA, North Canton, OH, Hayward, CA and Sacramento, CA.

Cineplex Canada

The leading name in the Canadian cinema industry has also expanded its premium offerings with a new D-BOX screen in the first half of 2023! The Cineplex at Junxion Erin Mills Town Center in Mississauga, Ontario is now equipped with 19 brand new haptic seats to give moviegoers an unforgettable movie experience.

This state-of-the-art theater is further proof of Cineplex’s commitment to innovation and customer enjoyment, as these new seats provide movements, vibrations and textures that are hand-coded by D-BOX haptic designers to be perfectly synchronized to the action on-screen!

Sure to please moviegoers of all kinds, the D-BOX screen at this location is a must-visit for movie lovers of all ages in the Mississauga region.

Cineplex in Germany

With two new sites in Soest, Germany and with one in Warburg, Cineplex in Germany also expanded their D-BOX footprint in the first half of 2023! Moviegoers in the region now have more access to a premium immersive experience that will make them feel as if they are truly part of the movie.

With these new screens offering five, 16 and 11 seats moved by our haptic systems respectively, Cineplex in Germany has proven that they are committed to bringing the latest technology for premium experiences to its audience, enhancing their moviegoing experience for years to come!


Hoyts has taken the Australian cinema industry by storm in the first half of 2023 with the introduction of 16 new D-BOX screens across the country!

With new locations in Ringwood, Belconnen, Carousel, Frankston, Tea Tree Plaza, Sunnybank and more, movie enthusiasts can enjoy an immersive and dynamic movie experience unlike any that they’ve ever experienced before.

With each new location adding many D-BOX motion seats (with the Ringwood location adding 51!), Hoyts’ commitment to D-BOX and to bringing the best and latest cutting-edge technology to Australians is evident. Movie lovers across the country are in for a treat and are sure to be transported into the heart of the action in a Hoyts theater near them!

Six months of expansion down, six more to go

The first half of 2023 has undeniably been an incredible period for D-BOX, with a whopping 64 new screens being added to our international footprint. This surge in expansion across various theatrical partners including ECCO, Kinopolis, Cinemark, Cineplex Canada, Cineplex Deutschland and Hoyts has helped solidify D-BOX's position as a leader in premium and immersive cinema experiences.

The success of these new D-BOX theaters in captivating moviegoers and delivering unparalleled entertainment has been undeniable, and we eagerly look ahead to the second half of the year to see how many more we can continue to engage and move with our revolutionary haptic technology!

We’re ready and excited to keep the momentum going and embrace the future with open arms. Should you want to learn more about the D-BOX theatrical experience and how we can move your audiences, be sure to reach out to us today!


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