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D-BOX at CinemaCon 2024

April 30, 2024

The future of cinema is just around the corner, and it was on full display at the recent 2024 edition of CinemaCon 


We are proud to have attended this cornerstone event for the theatrical industry alongside partner Advanced SimRacing, where we showcased the future of cinematic entertainment in the Milano 3 Suite of Caesars Palace.  With us we had some of our groundbreaking innovations poised to revolutionize the movie-going experience: the new luxury compact haptic seat and racing simulators perfectly suited for FECs! 


To learn more about how D-BOX haptic technology is set to change the entertainment landscape and to get all the details about our time at CinemaCon, then keep reading! 

How D-BOX haptic technology elevates the cinema experience 

With more than 25 years of experience creating immersive haptic technology, no one does it better than D-BOX. Our haptic designers have put more than 350,000 hours into hand-coding our library of 65,000 unique haptic effects, which add an extra layer of immersion to movies by calling upon the sense of touch of the entire body with movements, vibrations and textures perfectly synchronized to the action on-screen! 

Many of our 60+ movies coded per year are coded in collaboration with movie directors and Hollywood studios, meaning that each movement is meticulously selected to be ultra realistic and to enhance the storytelling. Plus, since D-BOX is the last phase of a movie’s post-production, we’re able to create a complete triangle of immersion for the viewer with haptic feedback synchronized to the millisecond, making the audio, visual and physical triangle complete—and making sure that viewers remain immersed for the entire movie.  

Available with flexible auditorium configurations and with different types of chairs from compact standard to luxury recliners, there's no limiting how D-BOX can move moviegoers! 

D-BOX & Advanced SimRacing: presenting the future of entertainment

While at CinemaCon, we put our latest theatrical innovation on display: the new luxury compact seat. Combining the comfort delivered by our luxury recliner with a smaller physical footprint—meaning a simpler installation—this seat delivers the same high-quality experience using just one of our latest G5 actuators as opposed to 2 or 3, making it the perfect addition to any auditorium! 

Alongside our luxury compact seat, our partner Advanced SimRacing introduced their latest racing simulators equipped with D-BOX haptic technology to attendees. For those unfamiliar, sim racing—short for simulated racing—immerses users in hyper-realistic driving environments with simulators called rigs! 

Advanced SimRacing is known for building high-quality rigs used by professional drivers to help them train off the track. When paired seamlessly with our FIA-licensed haptic system, the experience is as realistic as can possibly be—providing drivers with an opportunity to feel what it’s like to get behind the wheel on a professional circuit. 

Available for FECs and theater arcades, Advanced SimRacing’s rigs feature versatile self-payment solutions and leaderboards to get moviegoers into the competitive spirit. The synergy of using haptic technology for entertainment and for movies delivers an unparalleled level of realism and excitement, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in theatrical entertainment both before, during and after the credits roll! 

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Lights, camera, action: movies ready for D-BOX's immersive experience

As always, CinemaCon delivered on the movie teaser front—and there’s certainly no shortage of upcoming movies just waiting to be enhanced by the D-BOX premium experience! 

Between titles like Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, Twisters and Borderlands, moviegoers will be able to be thrown right into the heart of the action and feel as if they were in the movie themselves. While action is certainly one of D-BOX's fortes, the long-awaited and highly teased Wicked: Part 1 will also be a must-see D-BOX title—the beloved musical will come to life on the big screen and moviegoers will sway to the songs that have left their mark on Broadway! 

With D-BOX coding more than 60 movies per year, there’s a movie experience for everyone —no matter the age or type of movie lover. 

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The future is haptic

Our presence at CinemaCon 2024 alongside Advanced SimRacing signifies more than just a showcase of cutting-edge technology—it's a testament to the evolving landscape of immersive entertainment, and it’s time we recognize the tremendous opportunities that lie ahead for theaters, exhibitors, and entertainment venues alike.  

Whether it be through our theatrical experience or through other forms of entertainment, we remain committed to delivering unparalleled experiences that captivate audiences and elevate the art of storytelling. To learn more about how D-BOX can enhance your venue's offerings and drive business growth, we invite you to connect with our team! 

Together, let's shape the future of entertainment and redefine what's possible in the world of cinema. 

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