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CinemaCon 2022 Recap

May 6, 2022

From April 25th to 28th, D-BOX was proud to attend the 2022 edition of CinemaCon, one of the most important events in the global theatrical community that reunites theater exhibitors with each other and with the world’s largest movie studios! 


The first edition of the event occurring safely on the other side of the pandemic, the enormous trade show was filled with nothing but promise and hope for the future. Featuring exclusive upcoming movie presentations and the latest innovations in the rapidly evolving theatrical industry, CinemaCon brought together major players of the industry under one roof—something that hasn’t been done in two years. 


Being back together helped to reignite the flame and boost confidence in the continued restart of cinemas. As Matt Reeves, one of the writers of the recent The Batman film so eloquently stated during his State of the Industry speech, back in 2019 theaters went dark, but there remained a flicker that helped carry the industry through. That flicker is the passion, dedication and commitment of such a close-knit industry! 


This close-knit industry, thrilled to be back, started CinemaCon in the only way they saw fit: they joined together to chant “we are back!” alongside the President and CEO of Marcus Theaters & Chairman of NATO, Rolando Rodriguez—kicking off a successful 3 days of planning for the future.  

Major studio presentations 

No matter the studio presenting—whether it be Sony Pictures Studio, Warner Brothers Studio, Walt Disney Studios, Universal or others—there was a recurrent reassurance that was given to attendees by them all: going forward, cinemas will receive a large number of new titles that will be theatrical exclusives, meaning that simultaneous competing releases at home or on streaming services are mostly a thing of the past. 

Sony’s presentation began with an extended look at the upcoming comedy-action film Bullet Train, giving exhibitors a better sense of the title’s comic sensibility as well as giving them a better idea on how to market the movie! 

 Keeping with the momentum of this past year, Sony promised exhibitors that they’ll continue to bring  diverse and unique stories to the screen, while also keeping the train going with big, long-awaited titles that are sure to be box office hits! 

Warner Brothers took advantage of their time at CinemaCon to announce that both  –director Matt Reeves and star Robert Pattinson will both be coming back for another The Batman film. They also gave an attentive audience sneak peaks at Shazam! Fury of the Gods, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, DC League of Super-Pets and Black Adam! 

Not only did they give the audience sneak peaks of the movies, but Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson—the star of Black Adam and DC League of Super-Pets—made an on-stage appearance to thank all major theater chains for their hard work in keeping the industry afloat in a difficult time. He even thanked multiple D-BOX key partners, namely Cinemark and Cineplex,  for their efforts! 

Dwayne Johnson at CinemaCon 2022(Image source: CinemaCon Facebook Page)

Disney, on the other hand, premiered a 30-minute sneak peak of Lightyear that kept the audience longing for more, as well as an exclusive clip from Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which is playing in D-BOX theaters today! The presentation ended with an exciting short sneak peak of the new Avatar: The Way of Water. It was announced this new Avatar will keep its December 16th release date, and that they’ll be re-releasing the original Avatar in September.

Paramount Pictures had one of the highlights of the event, as they screened Top Gun: Maverick in its entirety—a movie so long-awaited and well-made that it was met with applause at its end by CinemaCon attendees .As a bonus, there was a consensus among theater exhibitors after seeing Top Gun: Maverick—it will be phenomenal with D-BOX’s high-fidelity haptic feedback!

D-BOX’s role in the future of cinema

During CinemaCon, we heard from multiple of our exhibitor partners that the D-BOX premium experience has helped them drive moviegoers back to theaters as it offers them an experience that simply cannot be recreated at home!

Through our discussions with multiple D-BOX partners in attendance, it was clear that D-BOX advanced ticketing plays a crucial role in exhibitor success. Tickets for Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness are selling exceptionally well, making our partners eager to see the results they’ll bring in for Jurassic World: Dominion and Top Gun: Maverick!

Going forward, D-BOX will continue to support exhibitors by encoding many of the titles that studios teased over the 3-day event, meaning that exhibitors will be able to program D-BOX showtimes for the big, upcoming blockbusters that are sure to drive people to theaters.

Plus, D-BOX is proud to continue to unveil exclusive promotional film content that exhibitors are free to share on their platforms as well: exclusive art & videos from studios! Ranging from exclusive movie posters to video callouts from the movie’s stars themselves, D-BOX’s growing relationship with studios help the ticket marketing process, boosting sales.

Finally, D-BOX has worked hard to make it easier for moviegoers to find D-BOX showtimes near them: thanks to the new showtimes feature on our website, users can simply select the D-BOX movie of their choice, choose the showtime that works best for them, and purchase their tickets in one simple click!

D-BOX Showtimes preview

Different content for different types of moviegoers

Not only will D-BOX continue to encode the industry’s biggest titles, but going forward we’ve made a pledge to offer more alternative content with haptic feedback.

In the last year, D-BOX encoded alternative films such as the anime title Jujutsu Kaisen O from studio CrunchyRoll, which was met with great success for our theatrical exhibitors. Knowing that D-BOX isn’t afraid to use haptic technology to explore different genres means that we can provide theaters with alternative content for their moviegoers, which keeps them coming back for more!

Theaters are back and ready to move audiences with D-BOX

D-BOX will be taking all the momentum, optimism and dedication of CinemaCon’s attendees as well as all the discussions we had amongst existing partners, potential partners and other industry leaders to help continue the recovery of the theatrical industry and to keep moving audiences around the world.

With the collaboration of studios, exhibitors and with the upcoming slate of blockbuster movies, CinemaCon 2022 made it clear that the theatrical industry is ready to keep driving moviegoers to theaters for decades to come!


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