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D-BOX & Cinesa: 3 years of success

July 28, 2022

In 2019, D-BOX first partnered with Cinesa, a movie theater chain part of the Odeon Cinemas Group in Spain. Fast forward 3 years, and the partnership has already proven itself to be a success for everyone involved: for Cinesa, for Odeon Cinemas Group, for D-BOX and for the moviegoers themselves!

Through their high-fidelity haptic technology, D-BOX brings movies to life with a series of movements, vibrations and textures that are perfectly in sync with the action on-screen. Whether it be an action movie, horror one or a flick filled with family-friendly humour, D-BOX goes beyond sight and sound and plunges audiences around the world right into the heart of the action!

We recently spoke to Ramón Biarnés, the Managing Director, Southern & Northern Europe from Odeon Cinemas Group as well as to random moviegoers who had just experienced a movie in D-BOX to find out what has made this partnership so successful!

Keep reading to discover what they had to say and what had made D-BOX one of the most unique experiences for moviegoers for the last 20 years.

Providing a unique experience

For Biarnés, the goal of Cinesa has always been the same—even before integrating D-BOX.

“Our intention at Cinesa and Odeon Cinemas Group is always to try to find the best experience for the clients,” he explained. “When we discovered D-BOX, it was a way to deliver something to our guests that was different to what the others were offering; a more immersive experience within the cinema industry.”

Through their more than 65,000 haptic codes, D-BOX allows moviegoers to feel every moment of the action. If dinosaurs are roaming the earth—as they did in Jurassic World: Dominion—then you’ll feel every step. If war planes are zipping through the sky at record paces as in Top Gun: Maverick, you’ll feel every dip and dive, and if the Minions are plotting their next evil scheme like in Minions: The Rise of Gru, you’ll feel ever moment of their hilarious (mis)fortune.

Per Biarnés, it’s this realism and immersion that attracts moviegoers to the theater.

“I think that the moviegoers are—especially the new generations—looking for something different,” he explained. “It's not only about the image, it's not only about the sound, but it's also about being as much as possible inside the film. I think that D-BOX actually reaches that, it's really bringing you inside the action and inside the movie.”


Realism like no other

Biarnés’ beliefs were echoed by the very moviegoers spending their days at Odeon’s Cinesa theaters.

After taking in Top Gun: Maverick with D-BOX haptics, one moviegoer was particularly thrilled with their experience.

“One of the conclusions I draw from today is that I haven’t been to the movies in a long time,” they said. “These things are what make me want to go back to the movies. It’s a novelty!”

The moviegoer also touched on the realism of the feedback.

“Man, it’s not being on a plane, but it gives you a very, very strong feeling of it!”
It’s reviews like these that prove that D-BOX goes beyond what moviegoers can do for themselves at home; it goes beyond simply watching a movie, and it elevates the movie to a point where they experience it instead!

A working partnership

When asked about the logistics of the D-BOX and Cinesa partnership, Biarnés had nothing but good things to say.

“We believe this is not just a working environment, this is really a partnership,” he said. “Every time that we have needed something from D-BOX or D-BOX has had a suggestion, we have always been able to speak and to actually have the technical support that we always needed.”

Other than on a technical support level, Odeon Cinemas Groups has also been pleased with the partnership overall.

“We are pretty satisfied not only with the partnership, but also I think that both parties are satisfied with the results that we're getting with D-BOX,” explained Biarnés.

Keep moviegoers coming back for more

D-BOX also strives to provide a unique experience for each movie we encode, meaning that you can see an infinite number of films with haptic feedback and never experience the same sequences of movements, vibrations and textures. As demonstrated through our interviews, this keeps moviegoers coming back for more!

“I loved the feeling of the movement according to the sound,” said one moviegoer. “It was great, super cool. I recommend it 100%, and I’m even going to go see the movie again!”

Another moviegoer echoed those same sentiments, saying that they’ll be returning to see more movies in D-BOX.

“This is my second experience with the D-BOX chair and it’s wonderful. It totally changes the vision of the film,” they exclaimed. “It helps to make the movie an immersive experience because the movement is coordinated with the images. You feel everything to the max!”

A unique offering that brings repeat customers

In a time with countless streaming services, unlimited online content and the ability to watch movies at home, it can be difficult to lure moviegoers back to theaters.

Over the last 3 years, D-BOX’s partnership with Cinesa has been successful at bringing moviegoers into their halls thanks to their unique offering of haptic feedback perfectly in synch with the action on-screen, making audiences feel like they’re truly a part of the movie rather than just an outside observer. They’ve also converted first-time users into return customers, meaning that moviegoers everywhere love the experience so much they want to come back for more!

As Biarnés explained, Odeon Cinemas Group is always looking to give the best experience to their guests—and an experience that they can’t recreate elsewhere.

We thought that the product D-BOX is offering—making it more immersive into the film—was actually something that the others don't have, that our competition didn't have,” he explained. “It was actually something unique that we could offer as an experience to our guests.


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