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How D-BOX improves your entertainment experience with sim racing rigs

December 19, 2023

In the fast-paced world of sim racing—where precision and immersion are of crucial importance—D-BOX’s haptic systems have emerged as a game-changer, propelling your home racing experience to a whole new level of fun!


With more than 65,000 unique movements, vibrations and textures, D-BOX allows you to feel every moment of the race, from the engine roaring to life at the starting line to the tires gripping the asphalt, all the way to feeling every single curve and bump of the track.

Those who have raced with D-BOX know that a sim racing rig outfitted with haptic technology is so much more than a simulator; it’s an extension of your body that brings every moment of your race to life through the sense of touch of your entire body. However, there are multiple factors that go into making D-BOX’s haptic system the best one there is—and we’ll explore them in this blog.


Buckle up and get ready for a journey into how D-BOX improves your entertainment experience both on and off the track!

D-BOX: the most realistic haptic system there is

To understand how D-BOX’s haptic experience is so realistic, you have to first understand how it’s created!

For most of the major racing games (iRacing, Assetto Corsa, WRC, F1, etc.), D-BOX works hand-in-hand with the game’s studios to integrate the haptic motion codes directly in the game’s engine. This means that our haptic developers have access to the game’s telemetry data to ensure that our actuators deliver movements, vibrations and textures that are perfectly synchronized to the action on-screen and to the little details that you might not normally notice with sight and sound alone, such as a rock on the track that slides under your tire!

D-BOX stands out from the rest because we know that in order to create experiences that will touch users, our experience needs a human touch—which is why every sensation is meticulously hand-selected by our haptic developers to be the most realistic of our 65,000 haptic effects for that moment. With a human behind the coding process, and with telemetry data that allows our haptic systems to capture unique characteristics of each vehicle, track and racing scenario, we can create an authentic and personalized experience for each user—which is what ultimately makes our system the most realistic one there is.

The only haptic system to be licensed by the FIA

To reaffirm our position as the most realistic sim racing experience, D-BOX is proud to be the only haptic system to bear the endorsement of the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA)!

The FIA is the governing body for global motorsport and grants its license only to products that meet the most stringent standards of realism and accuracy. This means that D-BOX’s haptic system was rigorously tested by the team at the FIA for months and was found to be worthy of this prestigious license, and as a result, many professional race car drivers—such as rally’s Louise Cook and NASCAR’s Anthony Alfredo—use sim racing rigs outfitted with D-BOX technology to train for their real-life races.

When it comes to authenticity, realism and legitimacy, D-BOX stands alone, setting the gold standard for haptic systems in the competitive world of sim racing.


Become part of all the action with haptic movies, TV series and videogames

Beyond our capabilities in sim racing, rigs outfitted with D-BOX actuators offer the possibility of a diversified entertainment experience thanks to our annual HaptiSync subscription, which gives users access to our expansive catalogue of more than 2,500 haptic tracks for movies, TV series, videogames and more!

One moment you can be hurtling down a virtual racetrack and the next, you can be in the front row of Hollywood’s biggest blockbuster movies, or inside the immersive storyline of a videogame. The concept is the same—D-BOX works with movie studios to hand-code the perfectly synchronized movements, vibrations and textures to the movie or show, immersing you in them like never before.

Experience any audiovisual content with haptic feedback

Not only are there the 2,500 hand-coded titles, but thanks to our new Adaptive Gaming and Adaptive Audio modes, you can play any PC game and watch any movie or TV show with haptic feedback from your rig!

With Adaptive Audio mode, your haptic system will respond and provide vibrations and textures based on the soundtrack of the content being played on your rig, no matter what it is. You could even watch a live F1 or NASCAR race and be moved with the drivers in real-time!

While similar to Adaptive Audio mode, Adaptive Gaming mode doesn’t function on sound—it functions based on the inputs to your game controller, keyboard, mouse, HOTAS, wheel and more. To personalize the experience, you can create custom haptic profiles with some of our 65,000 haptic effects assigned to certain inputs (ex: space bar to receive feedback for a character jumping), giving you total control over your haptic experience. Alternatively, you can use one of the pre-made profiles for the biggest gaming titles created by our haptic developers to get an experience that’s extremely close to our coded games!

With these two modes and our vast catalogue of content, there’s no limiting your entertainment experiences. You can truly feel it all!


Race with D-BOX for a revolutionized entertainment experience

Thanks to our cutting-edge haptic technology and unwavering commitment to realism that makes us worthy of an FIA license, sim racing rigs outfitted with D-BOX haptic systems are guaranteed to take your entertainment to new heights and make you feel every moment as if you were part of the action yourself!

Whether you feel like trying to beat your fastest lap, watching a movie, binging your favourite TV show or playing the latest and greatest video games, a D-BOX haptic sim racing system is your key to a revolutionized entertainment experience.

What are you waiting for? Buckel up and get ready for an experience that’s not just watched or played, but felt in every heartbeat, every turn, and every memorable movie moment.

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