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Maximize your home entertainment experience

December 15, 2020

Now you can add more excitement and fun to your at-home entertainment! D-BOX, in collaboration with Jaymar Experience, recently launched the D-BOX Lifestyle by Jaymar Experience, a new haptic seat designed to revolutionize the way we enjoy content at home.

This new haptic chair is the only experience of its kind on the market that allows users to experience content in an immersive, enhanced way.

But above all, how can we define this immersive experience? D-BOX creates hyper-realistic immersive entertainment experiences by moving the body and stimulating the imagination with its haptic technology. Through different intensities of movement, vibrations and textures, D-BOX will transport you beyond sight and sound, making you feel powerful, vivid emotions. This unparalleled experience is enabled thanks to the HaptiSync Hub (included with the haptic seat) a brand-new D-BOX patented technology designed to make your life easier. Equipped with an integrated sound sensor detecting the movie, series or music video you are watching, the HaptiSync Hub will seamlessly synchronize the on-screen content with the haptic system of the seat. Everything is designed to give you a top of the line, immersive experience, in the comfort of your own home, hassle-free.

Here’s how to maximize your home entertainment experience in 4 steps.

Select the seat that’s right for you

Depending on the layout or decor of your living room or playroom, we offer different models and colours that suit all tastes and needs.

No matter the style, the same great experience, comfort and immersion is guaranteed for every seat, thanks to its integrated haptic movement technology. Our collaboration with Jaymar Experience, one of the largest upholstered furniture manufacturers in Canada, allows us to offer premium quality armchairs with incomparable style and the greatest concern for refinement, both in terms of materials and the quality of the workmanship.

Visit our website to choose your seat!


To have access to our haptic codes, you must now create your account and choose an annual subscription to D-BOX Connect, for only US $89/year plus applicable taxes (Canada & USA).


With your subscription, you get access to a catalogue of more than 2,000 unique experiences and growing every week, including music videos, new movies releases, experiential content and series such as “The Mandalorian” and “Stranger Things”.

Select the right content

Now comes the time to choose your first immersive experience! Make sure you look at our latest catalogue of compatible content, available on our website to decide what you want to watch; whether it be a thrilling movie, the must-see series, a groovy music video and more awesome content! The D-BOX experience is so much more than watching a movie in your living room.

We offer all types of content: action, horror, relaxation, music and suspense, to watch as a family! New compatible content is regularly added to our D-BOX Haptics Experiences YouTube channel.

Please don’t hesitate to write to to give us your suggestions on content that is not yet available.

Choose the intensity of your experience

Through our HaptiSync application, you can, at any time, choose the intensity of the haptic feedback of your seat, giving you full control right in the palm of your hand.

Now you have everything required to live your home entertainment experiences in a unique and different way. Spending time at home has never been so memorable!

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