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Motion seats: a thrill seeker’s paradise

February 29, 2024

When it comes to the heart-pounding world of action cinema, we know some moviegoers want more than to just be entertained by on-screen adventure. Those who live for the thrill of a quality action movie want an experience that transcends mere entertainment and ventures into visceral exhilaration. They want an experience that allows them to become an active participant, rather than just a passive viewer. 


While fancy screens and impressive sound systems can surely add to the experience, what if you could take it to the next level and truly feel the movie? What if every explosion could reverberate through your core, every chase could leave you breathless, and the adrenaline rush you crave could course through your veins while you watch the story come to life? 


Enter D-BOX and motion seats tailored for cinema. With haptic technology, your seat comes alive with movements, vibrations, and textures that perfectly translate all the on-screen action into physical sensations that keep you fully engaged. 


When properly utilized, motion seats are not just an accessory—they are a gateway to elevate your action movie experience to new heights—and this blog will teach why you need to try them for your next trip to the movie theater. 

The magic of haptics 

Everything that goes into producing movies is magic. This magic is what allows every frame to tell a story and every sound an emotion. When it comes to D-BOX motion seats, the wizard behind the magic is haptic technology. 

In simple terms, haptic technology allows inanimate objects (such as movie theater chairs) to engage all your tactile senses. The technology that creates these physical sensations are called actuators, and the sensations they produce are called haptic feedback. For movie chairs, there are actuators under the seat that can produce movements, vibrations, and textures, which combined, create an all-encompassing motion experience! 

This means your chair will enable you to fly with Tom Cruise as he pilots a fighter jet in Top Gun: Maverick, feel distinct engine vibrations for each individual car in Fast X, decipher if John Wick is fighting on pavement or grass during an intense hand-to-hand combat scene.  No matter the film, haptic technology creates and experience that brings you closer to the action than you ever thought possible.  

Perfectly synchronized action 

While haptic technology is the wizard, the true magic of seeing an adrenaline-infused movie in D-BOX seats lies in the synchronization with the on-screen action. 

Thanks to our longstanding relationship with the world’s biggest movie studios, our haptic designers are allowed the access and creative license to hand-choose the perfect sensations to correspond with every movement.  But not every scene warrants movement. These careful decisions prevent the experience from becoming overwhelming and inducing motion sickness. Since the sensations are so realistic and in-sync with what is seen on screen, they eliminate the mind-body disconnect. 

Occasionally, movie studios will send directors, producers, or other members of the crew to the D-BOX lab to ensure that the motion track accurately reflects the filmmakers' intentions. 

If perfect Hollywood-approved, hand-coded synchronization is not enough, know that you can up (or lower) the ante thanks to in-seat intensity controls that put YOU in charge of your experience. 

Feel every action-packed moment, in every sense of the word 

When you are truly immersed in a movie, emotions are not just a reaction to what you see, but an integral part of the narrative. Since motion seats allow you to feel the movie, they can enhance key moments and intensify emotions in ways that are not always possible with only sight and sound. 

As a matter of fact, D-BOX haptics have been found to make action content twice as entertaining. When watching the 2015 film The Martian, those watching with D-BOX motion seats were recorded having higher levels of electrodermal activity than those who watched without—meaning that not only were their minds more immersed in the content, but their bodies were, too. 

A graph depicting the power of D-BOX in action movies.

*Pauna, H., Léger, P.-M., Sénécal, S., Fredette, M., Courtemanche, F., Chen, S.-L., … Ménard, J.-F. The Psychophysiological Effect of a Vibro-Kinetic Movie Experience: The Case of the D-BOX Movie Seat. Lecture Notes in Information Systems and Organisation. vol 25. Springer, Cham., 2017. 

You may be wondering, ‘how is this possible?’ It’s simple. Imagine you can feel the rush of wind as a character soars through the skies, or the subtle vibrations of a tense conversation. Since the realism in these moments are physically felt, they create an emotional AND a physical journey for the viewer—one that lingers long after the credits roll. 

Make memories with motion seats 

You should not just take it from us, discover what Cineplex Canada moviegoers had to say about their experience with D-BOX motion seats. 


Pop quote: Right now, action movies are pinnacle—and you get to have a more cinematic experience, especially with the motion. It helps you get into the movie. 

Reserve your ticket to adventure 

What are you waiting for? With D-BOX motion seats enhancing emotions and intensifying storylines, there is no better way to become part of the action—and you can secure your next adventure now. 


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