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The Secret to Pushing the Possibilities of Interactive Attractions

November 9, 2021

With more than two decades of experience in the immersive entertainment industry, D-BOX has mastered the art of bringing the thrill and fun factor of any interactive attraction or ride to new heights. By offering a fully immersive experience that engages the entire body through a series of high-fidelity haptic movements, vibrations and textures, our haptic experience is proven to captivate users and leave them craving more!


By unleashing the maximum potential of the ride, haptic technology ensures that users are immersed in the creative universe just as the ride creators originally intended. With proven replay-ability and robust actuators that can withstand hundreds of hours of consecutive use without issues, our immersive haptic system takes interactive games from entertaining to exhilarating!


While there are many benefits to incorporating haptic feedback into your ride or attraction, here are some of the ways haptic technology can push the limits of fun on your interactive attraction.


Create strong emotions through movement while reducing motion sickness

One of the ways haptic technology efficiently immerses users into the ride or attraction is by stirring up strong emotions within them through movement. This is done through ultra-precise and realistic haptic feedback capable of connecting the mind, body and soul to the content being displayed, allowing users to forget that they’re experiencing a simulation or virtual reality situation!

While many feel that rides and attractions with movement make them nauseous, this is not the case for rides outfitted with a D-BOX haptic system. As a matter of fact, our haptics have the opposite effect—several studies, including one conducted by Montreal-based research lab Tech3lab, have shown that the true sense of immersion created when stimulating the senses and making the experience more emotional & realistic actually reduces the feeling of motion sickness, putting users in a fully receptive state in which they can enjoy the attraction for all its worth.


Generates an interactive & thrilling level of storytelling

Not only does haptic feedback completely immerse users into the ride, but it truly brings the story of the ride to life! Moving beyond sight and sound, the D-BOX haptic system transforms any attraction into an interactive and immersive experience that allows users to interact with the characters and animations in a way never before thought possible.

With high-fidelity haptic feedback, it’s possible for your attraction’s characters to physically touch your riders. If they reach out to shake the user, for example, the users will truly feel this interaction throughout their entire body! This adds an added layer to the ride’s storytelling ability as users no longer have to rely on what they’re seeing and hearing to understand what’s going on—important aspects of the story can be communicated through the user’s sense of touch. This electrifying layer of realism stimulates users and makes them feel as though they are truly part of the action!

Amaze and captivate your users

The immersive experience created by D-BOX is one that goes so above and beyond user expectations that it captivates crowds and keeps them coming back to ride again. With so many subtle details being communicated through the haptic feedback, this one-of-a-kind immersive layer allows users to ride the attraction over and over again.

This high throughput and significant replay value are fun not only for riders, but also for the attraction owners—the attraction is sure to meet overall business objectives and to provide a large return on investment, especially if each seat is monetized.

Powering the world’s greatest interactive attractions

Haptic benefits resonate with fun-havers all around the world! Having partnered with some of the industry’s most well-established companies, D-BOX’s haptic feedback powers some of the industry’s greatest games including Virtual Rabbids from LAI Games, Creative WorksHyperdeck VR, The Storm by Triotech, and more.

If you’re ready to take your interactive attraction to a new level of fun thanks to strong emotions, less motion sickness and enhanced storytelling to captivate your users and keep them coming back for more, then speak with an expert today. —D-BOX representatives can be found walking the trade floor be at IIAPA and will also be present at the LAI Games Booth #1000 during IAAPA’s Trade Show Floor Tour: Virtual Reality Suppliers, showcasing the Virtual Rabbids: The Big Ride. Connect with them during the show or they can be reached online from anywhere, anytime.




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