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World’s first full-motion snowmobile simulator is a realistic ride

April 14, 2021

World’s first full-motion snowmobile simulator brings realistic ride experiences to the virtual world



The Centre de Technologies Avancées de l’Université de Sherbrooke (CTA) recently unveiled a completely new and immersive virtual snowmobile technology: VRIDE. It is the world’s first full-motion snowmobile simulator, giving people a chance to feel the thrill of riding in a virtual environment.

While developing VRIDE, CTA worked closely with leading organizations in Québec, including D-BOX, a market pioneer in haptic technology, as well as BRP, a global leader in the production of powersports vehicles, propulsion systems, and boats.

Pascal Ranger, general director of the CTA, said, “VRIDE allows us to engineer simulations in real time, in a fully immersive and incredibly realistic environment. This not only serves technical purposes such as ‘hardware-in-the-loop’ digital engineering demos, it also helps with assisting teams in product and software development and allows them to try out multiple iterations in a short period of time.”

VRIDE: A Truly Innovative Journey

Thanks to the CTA’s expertise in vehicle simulation, advanced mechanical design, and VR technology, VRIDE includes a host of innovative features, including:

  • An incredibly realistic high-fidelity VR simulation designed jointly with iLLOGIKA in Montreal using Unity technology.
  • Over 10 square kilometres of mountainous terrain with breathtaking graphics.
  • A unique feeling of total immersion, created by the synchronization of the vehicle’s movement, the handlebars, the responsiveness of the simulator, and the vehicle’s capacity to move multidirectionally more than 25 degrees.
    • These visionary design elements helped resolve a common problem in VR: motion sickness when accelerating rapidly.
  • Extraordinary detail, including handlebar resistance, motor vibration, and the sensation of wind proportional to vehicle speed.
  • The unique sound of the acclaimed Ski-Doo ROTAX 850 ETEC Turbo as it discharges, which was recreated alongside Krotos and brings users right out onto the trail.

Unparalleled Immersive Experiences

With this exceptional pilot program as an example, CTA will continue to partner with leaders like D-BOX and BRP to design custom immersive vehicle simulators. Each partner’s expertise will bring cutting-edge technology solutions to the table.

“It’s been a thrill to collaborate on such a unique innovative project with renowned organizations like BRP and CTA,” said Stéphane Vidal, Vice-President, Marketing and Communications at D-BOX. “This platform gives the true feeling of being out on the trail—you have to experience it to truly understand how realistic it is. It is by being involved in such projects that we fully realize the impact of our leading technology in the creation of immersive experiences.”

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About CTA

The Centre de Technologies Avancées BRP Université de Sherbrooke (CTA) is a joint venture that pushes innovation boundaries in mobility. CTA’s advanced engineering team offers services in electrification, simulation, lightweighting, connectivity, mechatronics, noise and vibration, and virtual reality as well as product design and validation.

About D-BOX

D-BOX creates and redefines realistic, immersive entertainment experiences by moving the body and sparking the imagination through motion. D-BOX has collaborated with some of the best companies in the world to deliver new ways to enhance great stories. Whether it’s movies, video games, virtual reality applications, themed entertainment or professional simulation, D-BOX creates a feeling of presence that makes life resonate like never before.

D-BOX Technologies Inc. (TSX: DBO) is headquartered in Montreal, Canada with offices in Los Angeles, USA and Beijing, China.


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