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Pushing boundaries with
haptic technology

D-BOX redefines entertainment experiences with highly precise and immersive haptic technology that provides feedback to the entire body and that sparks the imagination through motion

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Whether it’s through movies, home entertainment, attractions or professional simulation, our haptic technology amplifies emotions and is sure to move you

Movie Theater

Let us move
your audience
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Home Theater

Enhance your home
entertainment experience
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Sim Racing

Win back seconds with precise feedback
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Level up by adding
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Professional simulation & training

Add realism to your
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Attractions & theme parks

Add magic
through movement
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D-BOX Gen 3 Actuators

Our 1.5”, 3” or 6” actuators provide the range of motion necessary to silently & accurately replicate the bumps on the track or the feeling of flying 35,000 feet in the air

Complimented by our haptic engineers and state of the art artificial intelligence, our actuators push the creative limits of your entertainment experience

Unlike other haptic actuators on the market, ours are electromechanical: this means there's no oil, no maintenance and no fuss. You can place them on a white carpet worry-free!


Meet the team of D-BOX advocates who use our haptic technology in their everyday lives

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We reached out to Tanya Fenner, manager at Cinemark to hear more about how the D-BOX experience is perceived in her theater

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Movie Theater

“Based on our positive experience with D-BOX in Peru, Chile and Colombia, it was a natural and easy decision to start deploying systems in Brazil, Cinemark’s largest market in Latin America.”

Home Theater

“When the lights turn down and the movie begins, the excitement starts. The immersive haptic experience is fantastic! The intensity of movement and vibration lets you feel all the action. At my home we don’t just watch movies, we are totally immersed in all the action with the Jaymar D-BOX recliner!”

Sim Racing

“You really feel the movement of the car, which is really important to have a connection to your body. This is the closest sensation to a real car!”

Simulation & Training

“D-BOX is a strong partner when we develop simulators. Their solution is a flexible, turnkey motion cueing system which allows us to deliver the best simulators to our customers on time and on budget.”